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  1. This should be implemented ASAP. Happened to me once...
  2. In most cases, it depends of your dino lvl, location, dino counts etc. What i want to say is that for someone chainsaw is good if for example you have a lot of harmfull dinos around, but if you are in swamp or near redwood, giga is better option.
  3. By my opinion any type of altering game files is considered cheating, correct me if i am wrong.
  4. Ark 2 is completely different thing, i dont see it happens
  5. Use tek saddle on RockDrake, and a cover. There is no hitbox in rockdrake head, so you can shoot at turrets and they wont shoot at you
  6. Use one Gacha and like 10 snails, just be in the range so that they can work :D, amazing how easy it is to farm it. Be sure to collect from snails also on every 60 minutes.
  7. Yeah, like it, it makes you more focused when in swamp
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