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  1. Evil Ark Plans Does anybody ever make evil plans for ark pvp? I E: Trapping somebody in a cage and then feeding them to a pack of aggressive dodos? I for one have recently made a huge labyrinth that i throw people in just for fun and watch them get devoured by aggressive tames inside. List your evil plans or funny incidents of you trolling your friends below.
  2. Just the usual. I made a huge mansion in creative mode and then made a gigantic labyrinth underneath it. I spawned a reaper queen inside and threw my friends in one by one. Then i watch as they either die from dehydration (boring) or they get devoured by the reaper queen.
  3. Every time I make a procedural ark on my pc, it runs in about one min. then, when i try to join on my xbox, I have to wait 10 minutes and it still crashes. I play on unofficial if thats any help.
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