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  1. I really support you and defend you in the forums Wildcard, but you still haven't announced any new content since the Homestead update. When you are a console player who doesn't have access to mods, the devs are your only hope. Unfortunately, recent community crunches are recycled from previous ones. So please implement new content for the game. At least for consoles since we don't have access to mods. PS: Apologies if this sounds harsh.
  2. Got a question, I've got a lvl 256 imprinted wolf but i need a crap ton of cp for future project, should I just use the chitin i get or try to tame, breed and imprint on frogs. Also would that dire wolf mak it through (8k health)
  3. If I were you, I'd check out the videos from TagBackTV, although it might be tedious at some point because he takes time to explain for people with...well lower IQ, he does describes it details, he has more than one video on his channel depending on whether you are breeding or going for mutations.
  4. That's the method i picked and it worked for me. You should give it a try
  5. I've been playing on my singleplayer game on the island for about a week now. However, with difficulty at 5, I almost don't see any high-level creatures, does anyone know if I can increase the number of high-level spawns with some kind of command or not. PS: I play on PS4
  6. In the console, (command line when in pause) try typing "Overrideofficialdiffulty = 5" not sure whether the = must not be included.
  7. I personally have the following: -Taming speed * 5 -Breeding and Maturation * 10 -Harvest Rate * 3.5 -Stats for player * 2 -Stats for wild and tamed dinos * 1.5 (Feel like I am going to leave it to default though) -Affinity and Imprint boost * 2 as a reward
  8. What would it take to start a petition, I am not even sure of what they are doing at that point but we might as well try to make one to remind them.
  9. So this question has probably been answered already a crap ton of time in the past, however, I could not find any recent post on this. Does anyone know whether S+ will come on consoles and if so, when? Thanks
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