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  1. Gopa

    Ingame Voting-System

    Intresting point of view! But the game hasn't "stoped". New DLC get published, the game isn't the game that it was after the release. Things are still changing, just take a look at Genesis - with porting, going into bossfights/missions etc... I would say: Better late then never
  2. We did it with Ferox's, the knockback is enought to hold the Incoming dinos away so they dont reach him and they are dealing a huge amount of damage. You need some good helmets tho, Ferox doesn't use a saddle, i also suggest to have a second one in cryo to switch in some stages if they are bleeding too havy. Oh and for the Alpha mammoth hunt: Get 10 rexes with 80armor+, 20-25 HP and 800-900%damage, after the second spawn switch your rexes with a new Setup of 10 rexes (or even more) and you should be able to kill it. And use ofc. one Yuty all the time. If you dont have so many rexes, take a daedon with raid-kibble (Dodo-Kibble, around 1000-2000) and you can kill it with only 10 rexes without switching your setup
  3. Gopa

    Ingame Voting-System

    Hm... I think you don't get my point. I have never said, that they shouldn't open the Servers. This Vote-System should help WC in making some decisions like (if we stick on the server-Opening topic) when to open them and lets say witch dinos should be allowed to be transfered etc.. Think outside the box, this shouldn't be a ulitmate tool to force the dev.-team to do what the playerbase wants. They dont need to publish the numbers of the voting-outcome etc., it should just be one more info Tool (like the Forum) to evaluat the mindsetting of the playerbase.
  4. You unlock the Engrams by killing the !MISSION!-Bosses, you will need an amount of mission finished to be able to "hop-in" (teleport) to the boss. Just take Moeder as example: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Moeder,_Master_of_the_Ocean#Gamma_Moeder, every stage unlocks other tekgrams . You find him in the mission board under the ocean biom table Here's the "endboss": https://ark.gamepedia.com/Corrupted_Master_Controller#Gamma Hope this clears things up
  5. Gopa

    Ingame Voting-System

    Whats the dif. for a Forum-Account for a upvote? You dont need Ark to creat an account and post stuff here, those player ingame bought atleast the game once!
  6. Gopa

    Ingame Voting-System

    There are 2 dif. types of ID's that can be used. Like they use it on Account-Achiv./Skins that would unlock the skins for all of your Characters. They can ban the hole Acc and not only one character... It's called Player ID and Steam ID, the Player ID is the path to your character, the SteamID is bound to your Account. So if you have clicked to vote,the boolean for your acc hit 1 (or true/fals) and you can't vote anymore with any other character.
  7. Ingame Voting-System Greetings! After the announcement that the Genesis-Servers are open for transfer at Mai 15, many ingame Players/Tribes lose their ARK-Goals for alpha-missions & bosses. That the servers gonna be open for transfer some day, was clear, but many hoped it wouldn't be that soon and/or the dinos that are allowed to be transfered were limited like at the Abberation opening. Aftrer scrolling though the forum I had the impression that there seems to be a huge gap, between what players on the live servers want and people that are using the forum (to express their wishes there). It somehow feels like two dif. worlds... I would suggest an Ingame Voting-System so the Players that aren't active on the Forum also have a Impact on the decisions that are made for them. With Genesis the UI is allready there, a new Tab with a Text-Box with the announcement and 2-4 Buttons below with options to klick for a voting would be enough. Cheers
  8. Funny, if you don't use Gigas and you gonna ask Players how to do the Alpha-Missions, they will tell you to use a Giga An ofc. the Top-List at the missions was wasted developing time.^^
  9. Don't worry guys! Servers are open for transfer at Mai 15, just grab some 1200% damage gigas and those alpha hunt missions are easy to go. ^^
  10. Show me one Mission Dino, that is able to enrage my 1200%damage and 124Armor Saddle Giga with one hit... It's so sad… They made a Top-List at the mission so some players even Goal for the first spots with tactics etc., now they open the transfer and everyone gonna face-roll those missions in 1-2 mins.
  11. Here's our Kill-Video, PvE-Liveserver tho Hopefully it helps you!
  12. Gopa

    Genesis boss

    Maybe our Kill-Video can help you out. I know many are using the Chaos-Tactic (running splittet around - grabbing key's), our tactic runs smooth with no dino losses tho (10 Players required for the key-collection in phase 4).
  13. Go to Options -> Audio and max. the voice volume setting and you will be able to hear her. Don't blame me if you get sick of her poop-comments…
  14. Uhuuu, interesting post. So here's the other point of view…
  15. Hm, well, not pointless at all. It's About the overcap - max rifle on official can get 294% or so, if you get a 500damage gun out of a crystal, the damage will be reduced ofc to the max-cap but only AFTER a server reset (or.. if you transfer the item). But till the reset happen.. you are running around with 500% and all the players you are raiding only have ~300% damage. Kinda OP tho
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