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  1. Go to Options -> Audio and max. the voice volume setting and you will be able to hear her. Don't blame me if you get sick of her poop-comments…
  2. Uhuuu, interesting post. So here's the other point of view…
  3. Hm, well, not pointless at all. It's About the overcap - max rifle on official can get 294% or so, if you get a 500damage gun out of a crystal, the damage will be reduced ofc to the max-cap but only AFTER a server reset (or.. if you transfer the item). But till the reset happen.. you are running around with 500% and all the players you are raiding only have ~300% damage. Kinda OP tho
  4. I get your point… But take in mind: This game is a multiplayer game. And yes, it's all about the farm/tame/breed, and this is taking thousand of hours on official settings. It's designed that way. They could - ofc - go for a boss-scaling (count per player), fixing anky autoharvesting and ignoring the overweight limit, and and and...To support the single-player playerbase.^^
  5. Alpha Drake on Island will stay a real boss fight for smaller groups. We did it with 4 players, so.. dunno if that would work with 3 players. Set-up used with 4 Players: Dinos: 2 Rexes (32k hp, ~2100-2200% damage) 1 Velonasaur (5,5k Hp, 4,3k stam, 1100% damage) 1 Megaloceros (8k hp, 700% damage) Stuff used per players: 2x set of (crafted) Flak armor 1x Shotgun with 150 ammo 4x crafted healing Food (+400 Health over time) 25-50 healing brew aaaaaand thats it. Last kill with this set-up: 25.07.2019 I can only recommend going with this set-up. You only need 4 dinos... And some expirince tho.
  6. hm y, i have seen prices for cross-server-trades like 150-250k element dust we use Gachas for the other servers tho… so you dont have to transfer those amounts for hours. i call it "Netflix and Gacha", best way to farm passiv element
  7. 1k hours of playtesting?? damn...the real mvp! ah, yeah... i thought this would be the outcome for the drops tho (even if the loottable is the same, drop-chances are differend). Like Ragna broked the marked for BP (20 min Speedrun -> ~5-15 asc. BP (run through it many times without cryo on official Server), month of farming (for a high roll) on other maps. Are the bosses at the same div. setup like bosses on Island (facing them with the same set-up ofc.)? I watched the twitch-stream, and i thought they just used the manti + drake combo like on the Ragnarok map. Thanks for the replies tho - haven't the time in the last days to test it on a private server by my own.
  8. Gopa

    Boss-Arena scaling

    Boss-Arena scaling Greetings! I know ARK is designed for mega-tribes (20 Players+), but i my opinion most of the active players, play with a lower tribe member base. Could we get a scaling for boss-arenas so even smaller tribes can achive the harder bosses? A scaling (per player-count) like: 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 and 15-20 would be fine tho
  9. Hm, that sounds indeed intense. Facing all 3 bosses at the same time seems like fun. I look forward to see what abilities those 3 will use in the fight. Guess abilities like dragon breath / ape spawn etc. will be disabled or at least be nerved. Oh and for the Element... Ext. have to be designe that way. You heed hundreds of element to craft a higher mek (bp) if you want to face king titan. I dont understand the flame about the possible element farm. You can ofc. craft tek-struc. and transfer them on a nother Server and build shiny bases, but thats it.
  10. New DLC (Valguero), some simple questions... Will the new map (Valguero) be as unbalanced as the Ragnarok map? Compared to the map's that get developed by the WC-Studio, will the new map be a faceroll like the Ragnarok map? Insane loot and high rolling loottable/spawn-rate from cave-drops (Ragna Fire-Element dungoen -> Ext./Island[ect.] frostcave's), easy engram access from bosses (Island Alpha Drake -> Ragna Alpha Manti+Drake), and ofc. nearly free atrifact access?
  11. y... welcome to ark! Rekt pvp players join pve servers and play like pvp style.. now, after the legacy merge, the ext. server we are playing on get trolled by new players. They even started to aktivate/deaktivate our forges/fabri. 100 of times (even if you lock those, players can turn them on and off if they are filled with gasoline) happend to many tribes on the server tho… well, guess we need to "outlife" the legacy troll invasion
  12. if players just spam pillars to block your base/path just report them - GM's will get rit of them, but pillars protect you on official Servers - so not every tard can "box-you-in". Like: You build a base and there are 2 pathes to walk out/in with your dinos… And prob. a troll join the server and just "gate you in" (the "box-you-in" moment). For new players it's annyoing (y ofc.. everyone want to build on the nice spots), but for Players who played 1000 of Hours its's a protection
  13. holy crap, do you guys Play on Official Server? There are many purpel drops, if you dont Play official you have to do many blue/yellow/red first to get one spawned tho...
  14. Hey, Can someone confirm that the structures stay on the quetz-platform after the quetz got cryod? It worked for me 2x, at the 3 time every structure get removed tho… is it intended that the sructures stay on the platform or did i just run into a nice bug?
  15. definitely the enforcer.. does he count as animal? Dino? dunno tho! ? I love the moveability so much, how they "blink" over the gound. Sadly they are quite weak (bigger OSD etc.), just love the way they act. ?
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