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  1. My option is, griff would be great to able breeding and use/not use saddle. Compare with snow owl what has a skill freezing and healing and still breedable. Griff should be the same. For wyvern and drakes i say no. They are exotic dinos so thats ok if they are not breedable. This is a little mission when we run to get eggs. But saddle for wyvern sure like rock drake. The only thing,there is a big % to find only low lv eggs in drake nest. And other thing,the max egg lv is 190? (Wyvern/drake). I read a comment where was an idea about max findable egg is 300. I support that. They are not breedable so just a little help and don't need to boost them because with that lv is good enough anyway. Sorry if i wrote too much. I hope we get some change soon...
  2. 225 is not bad,but possible to find over. The highest what i find ever it was 305 about. But usually can't find an anky what get most point on dmg. Better if you breed them than you have 30% more dmg on it and its better then tame.
  3. 950 base weight is really good. I tamed a lot when aber realised now just breeding some times. I say over 750 weight is very nice and should be use for weight. Ravager base dmg (100%) its 33 dmg per hit,what is really low,but when you breeding and has 500% i say its good enough because + imprint boost (30%) and also get pack boost,so they are really good for cave also. What for I using ravager is cave with dmg ravager or in base carry staff with weight ravager. For the question who made the post, for tamed ravager is very good stat over 3.5k hp, 1.5k stam, 700+ weight.
  4. I think ravager still good. In pack they can get pack boost and can walking on zip line.
  5. If you would to carry more in the same time its easy. I can carry 10k weight if i want,simple thing is you have to drop all things to the ground what you want to carry. But not in bag,just click on it and press O than drop it. After you can pick up all of them from the floor,even if its over your weight. So what i'm doing always,put in argy what you want to carry,use more argys if 1 argy not enough,stand front of transmitter or whatever you using for transmitting and from argys inventory drop quick to the floor very close to transmitter or drop. Than stand close to transmitter with your character and use whip. You can pick up all of them,maybe few stay on the ground and you can pick up with your hands. Than just waiting for cooldown. But carefull, when you drop items to the ground and its not a bag,you have only 1 mins and 40 sec i think,so you have to hurry. Many ppl don't know this or just worry to use. But, never keep in transmitter and throw out from there straight away because you will never find your items. Only from dinos or from you character. I hope you understand what i'm saying and its help for you! With this way i never find the max amount,so i think you can carry whatever you want in any weight.
  6. No idea. But sometimes it happened to me as well with other server,just clicking on refresh about an hour when I could see again or maybe server is down. Usually it happened on ragna servers.
  7. So on the server where i play 466 pve,its no problem when chinese put pillars everywhere in the city without any base,just blocking places,that's mean we don't have chance to build anything. This is disgusting i think,because if no base there,why should block the place? I know around the base is fine and maybe in big area but without base is incredible.
  8. That's my problem too. I would to join to trade market, but i'm still early bird so i just wait for people's feedback.
  9. Yea but what about babys before claim it? Than possible to clone it? I never try it but now I just thinking about that.
  10. Hi lads I just have a problem with fps on extinction only when I'm in the base in the city. If I go out of city is no problem, fps right, but still there is a vein spot where I can get fps drop. I really don't understand why. I don't have huge base and haven't soo much dinos. My pc should run any game smoothly. 64gb ddr4 ram 3000mhz, gtx 1080ti aorus,i7 6950x 3ghz. No idea how can I get that fps drop, because my pc should load all texture in a second I say. And just one thing, I play on 2k, but for this pc is not a problem.
  11. That happened to me too sometimes. That's why I claim all drops from back of wyvern. Just standing on wyvern and I claim osd or vein. Never ever more from the ground.
  12. Al3x4ndr0sz

    OSD Bugged

    Sometimes you can see eject button near the top of osd. If you standing on wyvern you can press it. But my problem is, when I do legendary osd and in wave 3 or 4 the last 1 or 2 dino is hidden. Spending 20 minutes to find them but no chance. After I leave osd than i go back later and I see but osd gone, that 2 dinos is there. This is so frustrating. How possible the hidden dinos?
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