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  1. My option is, griff would be great to able breeding and use/not use saddle. Compare with snow owl what has a skill freezing and healing and still breedable. Griff should be the same. For wyvern and drakes i say no. They are exotic dinos so thats ok if they are not breedable. This is a little mission when we run to get eggs. But saddle for wyvern sure like rock drake. The only thing,there is a big % to find only low lv eggs in drake nest. And other thing,the max egg lv is 190? (Wyvern/drake). I read a comment where was an idea about max findable egg is 300. I support that. They are not breedable so just a little help and don't need to boost them because with that lv is good enough anyway. Sorry if i wrote too much. I hope we get some change soon...
  2. I think ravager still good. In pack they can get pack boost and can walking on zip line.
  3. Yea but what about babys before claim it? Than possible to clone it? I never try it but now I just thinking about that.
  4. Al3x4ndr0sz

    OSD Bugged

    Sometimes you can see eject button near the top of osd. If you standing on wyvern you can press it. But my problem is, when I do legendary osd and in wave 3 or 4 the last 1 or 2 dino is hidden. Spending 20 minutes to find them but no chance. After I leave osd than i go back later and I see but osd gone, that 2 dinos is there. This is so frustrating. How possible the hidden dinos?
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