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  1. Add me to this list. Just started this afternoon. Can't place any structures or craft anything. Straight blue screen with a crash to desktop. Awesome.
  2. I just logged in for the first time since the update... My inventory is empty and i have no armor. Lol. How does this happen? I have no tribe members and my base is untouched. Also, game crashed to desktop while switching servers. Great addition to losing everything in ark data. This is a bummer fellas. I think I'm done for a bit.
  3. That is a great idea. Or, create a way to restore lost ark data in the event of system issues, such as this.
  4. This is crazy. How long has this game been out? Yet there isn't a game out that has more issues/bugs then this one. How about fixing the game so people can play instead of worrying about holidays and skins? A stable game > new halloween hat skin. I lost all my dinos, and many other things i had saved "safely" in ark data. Literally months of blood, sweat, and tears lost AGAIN due to Wild card. How about testing patches before implementing them? Freeze the servers???? I guess we are just supposed to suck it up, and start from scratch again? Not being able to login for more then 24
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