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  1. I hate it when some smart dev returns with a smart comment about how great ark is while totally ignoring the actual comment, I've seen an entire server clean out and then refill with new people, then you start to see them complain about the same old thing. Yes new people will join but they will soon leave when they start losing time spent on disappearing Dino's, rollbacks and servers disappearing, oh and the frustration of trying to be heard by sending in a ticket and receiving little or no assistance. You have asked what we would like to see, I would be interested in seeing (out of
  2. This will get bumped into the long thread of people complaining about this with NO ANSWER WHATSOEVER so I will try and assist! For me the ext oc 1011 won’t allow transfers out for days now with no help at all from support, thankfully I have another char but after trying to transfer to oc rag 889 this just seemed to delete the char, after trying 4 other servers without the character showing in download tab it finally appeared in a more stable map that is not oc avoid 889 and 1011 until who knows when because wildcard suck at fixing a game and seem to just be a bunch of cowboys ‘playin
  3. What is going on with the lack of transfers and servers disappearing constantly, 1011, 889, I have no problem transfering to na servers but as soon as I hit an oc (nzl based) there are major problems it would be nice to get an answer like: “we are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it, thank you for your support and keep surviving!” Go on devs I dare you to answer either to this post or the other that sakes the same question
  4. I have had the character stuck on there for about a week unable to transfer, don’t look for an official reply here, support for the very limited oc servers is non existant. I have never seen an official reply on why or if there is an issue even when sending a ticket. oc servers disappear on a regular basis, wildcard do you have any comment or support regarding 1011 extinction server [crickets]
  5. Wildcard support sucks for oc servers this is typical, our extinction server disappears sometimes up to a week with no reply, I asked this question yesterday with no response except to bump the question into crystal isle bugs wildcard have you played your game? Do you realise hundreds of people are stuck?
  6. It has now been over 24 hours and the update has not fixed the issue, is there any official word on return of OC crystal isles servers
  7. What has happened to the OC crystal servers? Disappeared about this time yesterday, have searched for info with some others mentioning it but no official word about it, what is happening? Wildcard? [knock knock] anyone there. This is on ps4 servers
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