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  1. Not sure if this has been request before. As much as im looking forward to the latest TLC3 updates with all the extras - i would still like a bit more on the building side. For me i would like all the lumber items in to the main game, more so the lumber and glass walls, will just look so much nicer than the green house walls. also the hanging lights, as the stage before tech lights. Bread (flour) at least needs to be brought in to the game, cant live of berries at meat all the time. hunting knife (stone and metal) best way to get hide. smoke house as an upgrade. and last then decorative items
  2. Amazing cant wait for this update, also even more looking forward to Syntacs breeding videos
  3. Please WC fix your errors. I have uploaded my character doing with adjusting the settings before ascending... now the download button has disappeared from all my maps on signal player. So went to upload a basic character to then download the one I want and now that’s been deleted my character is once again lost. please sort this out for the consoles
  4. To be honest i was thinking the same thing, due to being on console, i havent played this map, but i have seen it on youtube, and the idea of having all those dinos etc plus something new would be amazing, if its just one new dino and the vanilla creatures, then it will be pointless. even more pointless if you cant transfer it to another map.
  5. I would make them breed-able but only in PVE, and if possible have so that the wyverns can only be breed in the trenches, maybe having to craft a nest for them that breaks after the egg has been collected. with griffins i would again do it but only on rag. again with a nest, this would make it worth while in doing it, but make it so that you need alot to make the nest,
  6. really looking forward to finding out the chibis, Tho if i could be cheeky, i would like the dermis to have a beard, or a way to put it on as a skin. I've already created Santa's cabin, with his reindeer's, just waiting for the Christmas tree etc. But my Santa, doesn't look right with out a beard. Any way well done WC for the event :)
  7. Looking forward to winter wonderland, already got father Christmas ready (with out the beard tho) also 1st time ive seen the community catalog tho disappointed it doesn't show anything from the game suggestion, not alot of new items on the list, and no notice of making griffins breedable or to give them a saddle.
  8. @SapphireSam7 I couldnt agree with you more, unicorns should have a boost, and different colors even if it was just say sliver or gold. and reading what you was saying about the Pegasus PLEASE BRING THIS IS TO THE GAME WC. wouldnt care if i had to wait to the Valentine event. i follow CJ on youtube while his playing ark primal fear (mod) and to have my two favs combined Equus and the argy.
  9. So annoyed with my self i didnt find this post sooner, over the weekend, i had gone trophy hunting, so i found all the remain dossiers then i went to fight the final boss on beta, (which wasnt fun, as some how gigas were over spawning there must of been 20 on the final path) not only did the game crash as i entered the cave due to this, but i didnt lose anything, .... any way i had beaten the boss, to find my character seems to have been lost in space... if a fit of annoyance and small rage i deleted all old saves under that character which includes SE and AB (before the rockwell fight) as i d
  10. The Argentavis can pick up the otter, chose the option to pick it up in its beak, that way all you need to do is to land the Argentavis some where safe and near water, drag the fish to the otter, and its an easy tame. I believe this doesn't work for Hesperornis as the Argentavis, can not pick up another bird type.
  11. Rico86

    TLC ideas!

    Mine would be the spider, ate taming that thing, but the idea that to use its web to reinforce walls, (could even climb the web) its just brilliant, would really work in PVP
  12. Rico86

    TLC ideas!

    sounds really good, as i was reading it i was thinking how they could, honestly nice ideas.
  13. Have to say, it does look good, shame it wont be playable on console.
  14. I would like them to go back to dinos that where around, or a slight twist on them, not 100% but i dont think the giga was that big?... i would like to see more under water tames to be honest, as based on what we can currently tame, there is only 3 types we could take in to this fight and only one at the moment doesnt get affected by jelly fish or eel attacks. and if this cave is deep, meaning we will be losing life before the fight has started. so i would like to see different sharks or the Thalattoarchon which was discovered 2013
  15. I couldnt agree more, whats strange as well while carrying out my latest build, i was thinking it would be better with a 2h x 4w dino gate, as using 2 double door frames, just doesnt look right.
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