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  1. Hello! So I've been wondering about how to get high quality items (Journeyman and above). I got a Journeyman metal pick from an Alpha Raptor. I also found journeyman flak gauntlets, a journeyman carno saddle, and a journeyman anky saddle bp from beacons. I've heard that Deep Sea crates and cave crates have much better loot (mastercraft and ascendant), so are they really worth it or do they yield the same results as beacons? Also what kind of quality items drop from other Alphas? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi guys! So I've just started getting interested into cave exploration. I've already done the lower south cave on the Island and found it an interesting experience (my shotgun saved me). So do you guys have any suggestions of good mounts, weapons, etc. to take into caves, and any Island caves I should try next for best loot and fun? Thanks! Last time I used a lvl 80 Raptor (playing on difficulty 6 and wasn't too picky) and a PA shotgun and assault rifle. I just barely made it (even my journeyman flak gauntlets got destroyed by Arthros) but managed to get the artifact. Was I doing the right thing or did I screw up with my choices?
  3. Rainshadow

    ARK: Explorer's Edition Question

    Ok, thank you. That's unfortunate, but it should be an easy workaround.
  4. Hello! So I'm considering buying a physical copy ARK: Explorer's Edition. I do not have internet at home, I'm using my grandma's. I want to know if Explorer's Edition comes with the DLCs ready-to-use with no downloads, or if it just pays for them and then you have to download them. Again, we're talking about the disc, not the downloadable version. Also, does it come with Extinction? Thank you!