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  1. I take it your on brutal? Mine has 15K hp and 1300 dmg male resurrected so no imprint. Going to breed a new male and female 590 soon though.
  2. I did it really recently, and still have a few more 540+ dire wolf implants waiting to be revived. Maybe it doesn’t work on. Multiplayer?? Anyway, trying that cave with even a super wolf like mine didn’t work. Tame an arthropluera and head in, nothing agros onto it. You can attack things too, but to be safe don’t kill anything. HOWEVER, if the wolf resurrection exploit doesn’t work, that trick may not work either though I am 90% sure it will work. So I suggest tsming a super low level arthro, leaving all your gear somewhere safe and heading into the cave for a test run. Hope I helped ?
  3. Now I hate myself... I’ve done the ice cave, also on a revived wolf that is lvl 870. (SP Hard) Almost lost the wolf in it, and got all explorer notes. I didn’t even know that having an xp multiplier affects the xp gained from pursuits (I know, I know...) So I completed the damn trophy room without any multipliers!!! ? To top that, I also did the swamp cave without any mulltipliers, so damn me. Is there anyway to reset pursuits?
  4. Baryonyx can’t fit into the cave, and sabers get wrecked by yetis. I tried the snow cave, and almost lost my 860 dire wolf to it. I’m playing on hard btw. I killed a 570 dire wolf in the cave, used the implant to revive it, and tamed it to all those wondering how I got such a high lvl. Btw, I did the basilo hunt already. Got a 481% dmg bow from it. How did you get 5x xp btw? Thanks everyone!
  5. Title pretty much sums it up. Can anyone give me a list of the best pursuits to complete late game for levels? (I’m at lvl 84 currently) So far the best one was to complete the swamp cave. Thanks!
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