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  1. Travel to SE. Wildcard. Please for the love of all that is holy, don’t change this.
  2. Does nobody realize that scouts from extinction are your Tek binoculars?? They even have better range and better stats the higher level they are....no Tek engram required.
  3. Give us “Disable Tail-Swing”!! Have you ever been breeding dino’s, particularly the ones with annoying tails, and come to realize you hate their tails more than you hate waking up for work every day?? Don’t worry, everyone understands. Not sure how it would work with the animations currently in the game but if we had an option to keep our dinos tails from swaying endlessly in the summer breeze, it would probably help a lot with stability.
  4. Don’t build a base then. Grind some levels, tame a flyer. Find a base location. That’s how pvp works. If you need a base to tame a ptera or make a ptera saddle you’re wrong. And they’re EVERYWHERE in city.
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