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  1. Any Titan from extinction still beats Titanosaur... And they're not easy tames either :D
  2. ya the gachas are pretty OP- got an asc assault rifle with 400% dmg (or something like that) though its not like you can travel around the map with them- argies are pretty dam useful, even low levels are pretty good for carrying stuff
  3. So I'm In PVP (I'm also wondering for PVE) but what is the most useful tame. Don't say something like Achatina, becuase although they are extremley useful, A their upkeep is extremley expensive, and B its not like you can go through PVP as an Achatina as your main tame, there are other ways of getting CP. Personally, for PVP, definitley the Griffin. They can pick people (they can pick as much stuff as the ptera) and you can shoot off their back while flying and they are fast, dangerous and a pretty easy tame (trap, knock out, fly to highlands or wherever is nearest with sheep, pick the sheep with argent, fly back, wait till hunger is down and feed ez). Other creatures like pteras and argies and maybe gigas (for the raw power) are good, but they are mainly for advance-ish tribes (not becuase they are hard to tame-because they need a huge upkeep and who isn't just gonna snipe them and rage them? Alway cage your gigas far away from your other animals...) Just wondering. (I play small tribes as well, if that helps :D)
  4. tbh i agree tho building a small metal base is EXPENSIVE for small tribes
  5. If bases were impossible to raid, then no-one would PVP or raid, becuase if you are saying is should cost way more to raid, it encourges a more PVE meta, where actually grinding for the mats/bps has a better reward than making c4 and raiding. PVP is made so the reward from raiding is more than the reward from grinding.
  6. problem baout beaver dams is that the mother raptoring alpha tribe always just takes all the stuff and leaves wood and spams turrets around the beaver dams ugh
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