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  1. Scorched Earth and Aberration are the Best
  2. Last time i have launched the game was 31.12 so i'm not sure ( 99% sure it's not fixed ).
  3. They had vacation, like other peoples. so we will see if they manage to fix it in next few Months.
  4. Extinction - - Improvements to dome shaders = I hope it is the thing i thing it is ? - Improvements to height fog in desert biome = i wonder if the water not get so Glow at nights then ?
  5. they pretty much released it with all the bugs on consoles apparenntly ?
  6. Yeah, something like Cave spawn issue on Singleplayer, hope it's not bigger problem those caves in past
  7. I read patch notes and none of them has any fixes whatsoever. i geuss we need to wait " little " more.
  8. Hello, There is Major bug that make those " Domes " loose ther " Shields ". it started around 2 hour in game immidietly after Extinction start ( guess pretty much from start, BEFORE any patches )
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