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  1. Hahaha "Dupped" as in having the wool pulled over your eyes, or lied to, given many excuses.. Not Dupped as in multiplying...
  2. Yup. Have seen postings about Base and Dino selling everywhere. This last issue was the last straw that broke the camels back. People are really pissed and finally done with all the game issues and lack of concern from WildCard in doing anything to fix the problems with the game. Im not sure why they continue to release new DLC's when they aren't even fixing the current issues first and foremost. Personally a new DLC just pacifies the gamers so they feel like they are getting something worth having and all they are getting are the exact same issues as before. One
  3. Your not the only one. Many of us are experiencing the exact same thing. I've been trying for 3 days now and have tried all the tricks that people have posted and nothing worked. If it's not one thing with ARK messing up, it's something else!
  4. Awww how cute, can I pet you, Ahhhhhhhh damn Dilo...
  5. I have a few, but my top 3 are: Red Dead Redemption 2 GTA V ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) If anyone every wants to join n me, come on over!
  6. At least you dud finally get in lol I haven't been able to get on in 3 days already. Same damn HOST CONNECTION TIMEOUT Lost / timeout connection to host.
  7. Update: Still can't get into game, Lost Connection to Host. This just tells me to stop eating my time with anything WildCard. Every other Server based games I play (Rockstar, Bethesda, etc) I don't have these issues and their customer service is on point! They usually respond quickly. I always feel my time on this game is just wasted. Frustratingly, Suzi Q
  8. Exactly. Im one of the people who haven't been able to log in for the past 3 days! I've tried every trick that others have posted, but unfortunately doesn't work for me. I also play other games that are server based and have never had the issues that ARK continually have. Nor encountered a so called gaming company that clearly ignors it's players or are not available to contact during emergencies such as this one. Everyone is tired of it. I suggest a Roll Back of ALL Servers for the inconveniences and an extension of the Turkey Event. Then start working on f
  9. Log In Issues since Nov. 27th. (We need a Roll-Back) I hope and suggest that the devs do a Roll-Back due to all the people who have had log in issues for the past 3 days. This is ridiculous, especially since a load of people have tried numerous times to contact Wildcard and have had no success in answering us. Don't know who's bright idea it was to do an update literally right before a holiday and not have someone on call for server emergencies. Many people have lost Dino's due to leaving them out for maturation, to eggs in incubation, to resetting pillars, structures, etc.
  10. I also have had issues with logging into my server Rag 170. Almost 3 days now. I constantly get Lost Connection to Host. I've even tried every trick others have already posted and nothing.
  11. Same here on Rag 170. Just as soon as i see my survivor snoring in bed and building still rendering in, the I get kicked out. Lost Connection to host. Frustrating for the past 24 hours! Lost stuff for not able to log in.
  12. Im on NA, same nonsense here on Rag 170. Haven't been able to log in completely for over 24 hours. As soon as I see my body on my bed, POOF, connection lost. Hope they do a Roll-Back.
  13. Same here with Rag 170, Lost Connection to host. Just as I hear my my survivor snoring and base it rendering in, POOF im kicked out!
  14. Rag 170 has been down for me for 24 hours. I hope a roll-back is issued!
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