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  1. No, ARK is already running on a heavily modified Unreal Engine and upgrading to Unreal 5 is like doing a complete remake of the game.
  2. spawn the artifact, it has a beacon ID and you use the command to just summon it like you do with a creature, anyways this is a common issue on single player and out of all the artifacts this is the only one that didn't naturally spawn and i have hibernation disabled.
  3. I agree, Griffins need to be breedable but no saddles. Wyverns should NOT be breeedable but give them the long wanted Tek saddles that just buffs their elemental damage + gives them a little armor. As for Rock Drakes i feel like breeding them would be too much, maybe go over them and just give them a stat buff instead like more health per points added.
  4. I’ve been trying but starting to suspect it’s bugged, I’ve tried literally everything and it just refuses to eat anything at all.
  5. @Cedric Can we please get this looked into? it's a bit ridiculous that such a simple fix (internally) hasn't been patched yet it's a really annoying bug and i've been hopeful for a fix for months, i plan on switching over to PC in the near future but i really can't see myself using a mouse/kb but with a bug such as this it is only going to give myself a huge disadvantage especially in boss fights when i can't even whistle.
  6. HLNA skin not appearing as it should be Really frustrating since i went ahead and purchased this but the HLNA skin is bugged for some character builds in both single player and online official. It literally gets dragged across the floor rather than hovering next to you like it is for most players. This is the character build i always go with vs the outcome of using the HLNA skin. Imgur link for proof of bug
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