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  1. Intelligent* cooperating* are* other* biomes* mean* important* customization* wow that was a long list Imao
  2. People are wanting cross dino breeding, not tryna hate but yall think ark is laggy? lets say you can breed a giga with a dodo and a rex with a trike thats a whole other entity required, then what about breeding the gido and trix? then another entity. with all the tames and infinite combinations you are literally asking for an unplayable game. Even if you have 8 PC's all powerful enough to calculate 52billion digits into pi
  3. i play on xbox, been playing since december of 2017, have 800 hours or so on the game, my friend who is based of off brazil, (im in america) is new to the game and wants to learn, if i could play with you that would be great! how big is the tribe so far?
  4. Lazerbeam

    Human breeding?

    it would be sick if you could either play as that character or you could have that new child harvest, such as you give it a tool and in a menu you select what you want it to harvest or if you want it to use a tame to harvest the resource then you could select the amount or time you want them to harvest.
  5. Looking for somone on small tribes North America to accept me, been playing for 3 and a half years, and want a good tribe to help grind with. I would like it if you are set up with some gear but wiling for anything. Just comment on this forums, thanks for reading!
  6. love to join your tribe, i have 1 other guy interested, you still have spots?
  7. Hey could I be in your tribe i just got wiped on my PVP and my tribe quit i would like to join your tribe
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