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  1. OP AWESOME FEROX I am mass breeding feroxes, and I really need a nice cool looking one. Anybody got a cool one, or can you tell me what colors, on what color regions look good on a ferox.
  2. Lazerbeam


    X-Rhino I really want to find loads of them, I know they spawn in the arctic biome, but I want to find their exact mass spawn, building up an army of 50 if you know what I meran.....
  3. Lazerbeam


    Get off early bird I was told it was 10 posts but then the bloody devs made it so you guys cant respond to my post and they said all you have to do is interact in the forums which i already knew. So please devs dont bloody move this topic unless you actually respond to it.
  4. Lazerbeam


    Status HOw do i get out of early bird status i was told make 10 post but that dont work
  5. i look for different things and new stuff to do.
  6. I like staying on legacy servers because i have made so much progress and mutations on them
  7. Lazerbeam

    Cant Trade

    what is the max comments
  8. Lazerbeam

    Cant Trade

    Cant Trade It is not allowing mw to access trade if you can help it is thanked
  9. Hey could I be in your tribe i just got wiped on my PVP and my tribe quit i would like to join your tribe
  10. LOOKING FOR TRIBE Hey guys, I have played ark for a while and I just got wiped in my PVP Official server. I am done with this crap and would like to join a tribe that has at least some stuff. Any server I can breed very well and I have the patience to do it as well. I am not old enough to have a job and don't need to go to school so I play a lot. If you want me in your tribe please tell me in the forums what map you play on and you Gamer Tag. I hope you have rexes or other OP stuff for me to breed.. Edit: My username Is F00tba11b0y06 i want a tribe that has some stuff built up on an official PVE
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