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  1. Open discussion and theorycrafting for Purple (Legendary) Orbital Supply Drops. To start, I typically play duo and was able to down a Red OSD with our 2 Gigas, roughly level 310, and it was fairly easy. We attempted a Purple using the same strat but healing with a pig between rounds which was needed. Managed to get to wave 5 but then our Gigas enraged from what I assume were the alpha/enraged Rexes and being overwhelmed and we failed. The first 4 rounds we did lose 5-10k health each but weren't in risk of enraging. Some thoughts on future strats. I have seen some speculation abo
  2. I typically just use 3 or 4 stone gateways. Lure the rex into the pre placed ones and drop the last one behind it.
  3. Joined a private dedicated server with about 10 people on it who were fairly progressed. Seeing their mid level gigas and wyverns ect on Ragnarok. Coming across a 150 giga, trapping, and taming was one of my most memorable moments. Was so stoked to show it off. Also was really proud of taming a 150 karkinos on abber using a platform para with catapult. It took some practice and some failed attempts but felt great when I finally got it. Same goes for 150 reaper queen babies. Took forever to find a max level one, but was awesome when it came out.
  4. During my last session I continued to breed my Tek rexes. I have 10 females and my latest batch had triplets and two sets of twins!
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