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  1. When i walk on the floor, my perso stop for 5sec, no others problem. Thanks guy! i hope its fixe for the next patch
  2. up guy WC fixe this please after S+ if you have so much work
  3. so go out, dont read amigo, and be sad solo
  4. about the light haha somes screenshot!
  5. yep post screeshot amigo
  6. Guy from PC, XBOX, (I forgot Switch but i think its the same?) post your screen shot guy
  7. thanks you WC for this big patch! Hope you do a 2nd big patch with BLOOM OPTION, or fixe the light and TLC3, peace WC ❤️
  8. up! post your screenshot guy
  9. yo guy new screeshot today! It's already happened to everyone! Having to turn to be able to read the map so much it is flash( we can talk about the stuff from the arm on the map : we can see nothing haha)
  10. Vincenta13

    Fix the ridiculously loud sounds in this game

    yep you'r right this can be patched. Its can a be cool! like carno sounds when he walk! and other thinks like you say
  11. Vincenta13

    I hope this will be implemented

    yep your right! can say nothing better haha
  12. Vincenta13

    Item ideas

    some nice idea! you know what can be cool? to put the primitiv+ on the official! i want to play with tek and have some new vegetable for example!