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  1. Yeah its ridiculous how rare they are. I dont go on all the maps so I farm the ones I am on and it took forever! I managed to get a great rex saddle, giga, mosa, squid and yuty all before that damn theri saddle
  2. This is similar to what I ended up benefiting from. I run 2 boxs in 2 different houses. I lost my main save but after seeing what happened I waited to boot the other one. I lost some since I hadnt booted it up in a few weeks but its better than losing it all. I know realize I'm going to have to make sure I boot both more often. I lost Rex's that took me weeks of farming and sadly a theri saddle BP that I've been looking for since I started my maps 4 yrs ago. Which is rather depressing but at least the 2nd box saved me from losing it all.
  3. If we were on pc there would be but on here there isnt. It doesn't seem fair that we get screwed over because we aren't on pc. It cant possibly be that hard to have multiple saves for the console or let us download or save them separately. I've been on my map set for over 4 yrs and something like this just leaves you feeling empty. I cant work so I use this to fill my time. So yes please find a way to save several times
  4. I dont know what happened but from playing last night til now my wyverns have started taking obscene damage. All of a sudden they are getting destroyed by herbivores and other wyverns are dangerous. I've got my wyverns cranked up health to the point that they shouldnt be threatened by anything. Is anyone else having this?
  5. I did everything I was supposed to for sp and still didnt get it. Seriously bummed out.
  6. I have had this problem with scorched earth many times. It keeps eating items and dinos. I have lost so many otters to this map and its frustrating as hell. But this time I lost my chibi that I had already moved back and forth a couple times. It was almost level 4 and now I'm beyond pissed. I dont know what to do cause I wanted/needed that level. So now if I restart leveling another one it starts from 0 and I have to get it all the way to 4 again before I'll level, correct? Is there anything I can do? I'm on the xbox one sp.
  7. Sadly I'm not on that map yet. I'm currently on the island and scorched earth. Decided I might as well try to do it right and do the bosses like cjthecheesedj.
  8. I have been trying for weeks irl time and months of in game time to farm a theri saddle bp but havent found a single one. I'm at my wits end. Any one have thoughts or suggestions. My underwater caves are all doing the bug where it might spawn 1 crate once a week. I stalk the night for the red crates endlessly. I dont want to hack one in but I'm close to it
  9. Its ridiculous to tease us with it and then short the xbox players 4+days! At least extend it some or something for those of us on that system. Yes I understand the other updates but something! I'm on single player so I needed that time to try and get what I needed but now most likely wont be able to.
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