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  1. Downloading on the Windows store, but the download size just keeps increasing. At this point it's over 45GB, does anybody have any advice to solve this??
  2. After the barrage of updates recently for the Windows 10 instance of ARK (I counted at least two over 20GB) I am disappointed to report that all of our progress on my Windows 10 dedicated server (used for crossplay) has been fully wiped. This is not the first time it has happened, and it's sad to admit I do not think it will be the last. I love ARK, it is still my favourite game of all time, but it is getting a little ridiculous now. Why does updating the game destroy four weeks of hard work? Why? There is no reason a large development studio, with their game, claimed to be out of early access should ever allow this to happen, especially more than once. It will be hard to convince my friends to play again, and I can't blame them. Please stop screwing us over Wildcard. Please fix this issue before pushing any more updates to the Windows 10 instance, because it is not acceptable for a studio of your size and experience and I know you can do better, we all do and we've seen it firsthand! We fondly remember the days when updates adding new creatures and structures occurred every month or so, maybe it's worth giving that model another go after a little bit of quality control, no? If anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them, as for manual backups, I don't know if they would work when they've been made before an update and therefore on a different version. Perhaps manually creating them is the only safeguard until Wildcard can fix this themselves. -Regards, a dedicated, but concerned fan.
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