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  1. Can anybody please explain me how the land flyer command keybinding thing work? Also the Spyglass Crosshair by doubletapping X isnt working for me. I play xbox official PVE
  2. It would be great if we could do Boss Fights from Transmitter. When it came out it was possible but removed. I just hate the overloaded Obelisks. Yesterday I saw a Bronto directly on the Platform. Doing Bossfights that way is very hard. Also waiting till a beacon comes down isnt very practically.
  3. How do I use the Whistle Flyer to land command? There isnt a Whistle in the Menu? Xbox one
  4. Why is it impossible for WC to say what is the Problem. If the make a Statement saying: sry since the last update loot crates artefacts and air supply are Broken we are working on a solution please be patient, could take up to 10 days. Everything would be fine, but without knowing whats going on is..... Iam not able to do Bossfights. Its a very important part of the game. I want to search for Ascendant Saddles but this is impossible. I love youre game WC please fix this
  5. So Iam not the only one who experienced the Problem with the Rendering? I thougt my Xbox is Broken. I run the Swamp Cave several Times. Sure the XP I get are great but I also want some Loot or at Least tge artefact. We have Breed some really good Rex an I can't Summon the Bosses due the missing artefacts. And the Problem isnt brandnew. Its like 5 Days now. I hope WC could say something about the Issue.
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