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  1. Yeah, no. I'm not spending money on another WC game. As much as I love the setting and gameplay of Ark 1, it's broke as can be. Over the years I've seen WC push new content, hoping to dazzle us away from all the game breaking glitches and nerfs. What NEEDS to happen is a dedicated team working on finding and fixing all these little (and obnoxiously big) bugs. All I've read for bug fixes were server crashes and exploits, no actual love for the coding itself. To me, it feels like WC is trying to be over corporatized, despite being a relatively obscure dev team. You guys got the money, now dedica
  2. Been having the same issue as well, though I play single player. My trouble spot is before the waterfall, just before the big stone arch. Really ticks me off, since that's the last mission I need to beat before I can challenge Rockwell.
  3. Ok, neat as this is an all, and a time saver for when you have that one wall that won't snap right, when will we get some real manpower behind bug fixes? The PS4 version of this game has more bugs than a stray has flees, and nobody in WildCard seems to be taking any interest in even trying to fix this. We have game breaking bugs from at least a year ago, but no patches or fixes.
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