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  1. I've noticed in the past, they have a lot of these resets. Think of it like a free Mindwipe Tonic. It's not that bad, unless they broke it to where you get reset every time you load your single player, otherwise it's a one time thing. Usually it's when they add a DLC, but we didn't have one with Gen pt 1.
  2. HNL-A's Display Won't Cycle This is a bit of a minor bug, but still none the less annoying. When I first got and played Genesis, HNL-A's display would change appropriately. Then the game crashed for any number of reasons, and from then on, her display gets stuck on the first of her current dialog. i.e. Glitch dialogs. I've seen a few complaints about her face down like a roomba, or having sound errors, but nobody seems to have reported this issue, from what I could find. One can ignore the fact that she won't reset her display by simply using the "Compact mode" when interacting with her,
  3. Sound Re-balance So one thing that has always bothered me, as well as the few people I play with; Sound. We really need a sound rebalance for wall torches, fireplaces, and tiki torches. Things that are meant to light a shelter. Lets face it, when you have enough to light your home, it sounds like the whole place is on fire and burning to the ground around you! I think it'd be a nice idea to tone down the blaze to a gentle crackle that doesn't overpower even the Tek Generator in the noise it creates. If not make the adjustment in the files, at least add a slider in a menu or something.
  4. Honestly, I'd be happy to just have it drivable. It has wonky physics and is just dumb to try to drive. If they're going to implement it, they should at least take the time to work out the kinks. Granted, it was an easter egg, about a year or two ago, but even easter eggs should be fully functioning, not this garbage. Needs either a TLC update, or just removed entirely, imo.
  5. Explorer Notes cause Crashes So this is a bit of a weird one. I've been reading through the explorer notes I've gathered so I can actually wrap my head around the hidden story of Ark. But, after reading several of them, the game just crashes outright. I'm not much of a tech person, but I want to believe that the data is not being properly cached and removed, therefore causing an overload of data. I know enough about coding, which isn't much at all mind you, to know that too much data can block up processing and create all sorts of issues. Seriously, Wildcard devs, we need you to work on that
  6. I play offline as it is, but I'll do those extra steps and see if it helps any. Again, thanks for the advice, hopefully it works this time.
  7. Ah. I thought I'd seen this somewhere, and I think I tried it with no success. But, I'll try it again. Hopefully with better results. Thank you for your input.
  8. Ascension Still Bugged. Deleted all Character Data on PS4 So, I just spent way too much time in a couple days to finally complete enough missions in Genesis for that tasty new ascension, and after a grueling battle with the boss, I was rewarded with a cutscene. However, when I went to reload and redownload my survivor, all data was gone. Again. This has been an ongoing issue for me on Ark, and for a few others, I'm sure. It is excruciatingly frustrating to have all that hard work just vanish into thin air. So, dear devs of Wildcard, if you would be so kind as to double your efforts on findin
  9. Ok, neat as this is an all, and a time saver for when you have that one wall that won't snap right, when will we get some real manpower behind bug fixes? The PS4 version of this game has more bugs than a stray has flees, and nobody in WildCard seems to be taking any interest in even trying to fix this. We have game breaking bugs from at least a year ago, but no patches or fixes.
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