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  1. Dear Wildcard / Ark Community, I have been playing ark every day for over 6 months. Literally 5 hours a day minimum. Not on easy boosted servers either. I’m on the NA_pvp_OfflineRaidProtection_CrossArk6 cluster with the alpha tribe. Not exaggerating on the fact that there are major glitches/dashboarding/rollback issues multiple times a day. Finally with the new DLC and the major patch I figured most glitches would be fixed or even reduced. Nope! Ark has gotten worse with all of the issues. Nothing has been fixed. The Gacha at least makes it easier to get better gear and actually have fun. It’s the best thing ever in Ark. I know your going to nerf it any day now on console. It’s devistating when you spend MONTHS of your life on a game to get good items/gear and getting imprinted high level tames only to be dashboarded at the most random times then log back in ASAP to find your tames and char dead by wild dino’s, then not having a random spawn point any where nearby to get your gear/saddle back. I can no joke write a small book detailing all the issues with Ark. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wildcard would at least compensate for some issues. But I’ve been undermapped and dashboarded numerous times and have submitted tickets to wildcard detailing them. Wildcard doesn’t do anything about it. Even random holes in the Island that I submitted months ago are still there. So goodbye Wildcard and Ark. I’m done wasting time on your “official” servers. Maybe when they fix the problems and get more stable servers, dedicated players like me will try to build up again. Until then I wish everyone good luck! Bye Ark
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