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  1. One of the developers said on reddit that they will "look into it" this was over a week ago that they found this issue, no update on the matter so far.
  2. We may need to start getting our refunds on the skins, It looks like the devs aren't giving this any attention and I haven't found this issue being reported anywhere else
  3. I hope they bring them back soon, all my dinos look lame now and we paid for these skins
  4. I recently returned to ark PS4 to play the new expansion extinction only to see that I am missing all my paid bionic costumes even the dinos that had them equipped are missing the costumes, it's not in their costume slot or inventory, I tried to spawn them in single player using the spawn codes but it didn't work I even tried deleting all my ark data and even uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, nothing worked I believe they are missing from the game files.
  5. This hapened to me too, I purchased all the bionic skins a long time ago and I just returned to ark to try out extinction and now they are all missing
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