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  1. It's been 3, almost 4 days, of not being able to play ark due to my character being stuck on 208. Not only I'm experiencing this, but there are players on the server with a main base and are unable to connect to the server to take care of anything because of this harsh "server shut down." Please fix the server so I can continue playing with my tribe on our new server. If I had known the server would be this horrible, I would've never got on the server to grab my BPs, simply not worth it at all...
  2. Been an entire day with no possible way of connecting and seeing almost 5 different instances where the server has been down for over an hour. I'm attempting to connect to the server again there's been no luck at all. Again, I have a lvl 90+ character on there with 4 different tames and an entire slot cap of blueprints. I don't really want to say that because it puts a target on my sleeping body, but that's just how desperate I am at the moment. I've been in the server since around July and recently left it due to the multiple crashes, freezes, rubber-bands, etc. but I recently went back to it to grab my blueprints only to find myself being stuck on the server now because there's no possible way for me to rejoin the server due to "Host Connection Lost" or whatever. I know not everyone is toxic in the server because I've made many good friends on the server, it's just a majority of [] players tend to drown sleeping bodies for possible loot which worries me of course. If I possibly lose all those BPs and my character at the same time, it's a big lose for my tribe and to myself, but at this point all I'm hoping for is that Wildcard notices this post and does something to fix all these broken servers. Obviously 208 isn't the only server experiencing this and I've realized many servers have been experiencing harsh server lag due to recent updates...
  3. OC-PVE 208 Ragnarok My tribe left Ragnarok 208 (OC) to a new server due to the server already being extremely laggy as is. This morning (11/9/2019) the server was down for over an hour and I had to head over there to grab our vault full of blueprints and transfer them over. After waiting almost an hour to 2 hours, the server finally came back up. I waited about 30 minutes to make sure there was no more shut downs to the server. I arrived to the server and grabbed all the BPs to find myself experiencing a server lag that lasted 15+ minutes. Soon after the server went down and I can no longer connect to the server and I have a body full of blueprints with 4 players on the server already. My server is full of toxic players that will probably grab my body and drag it across the map to drown me and take my blueprints, please fix the servers.
  4. My biggest problem is that, not even a few months ago, I, and my tribe, rarely experienced any bit of server lag, then suddenly there's lag almost constantly. We heard about the 15 minute save lag, but even then, on our old server (Ragnarok 208) there was up to full minute lag spikes that would occasionally completely crash the game. We ended up moving servers because of this and on our newest server will still receive bad lag (Valguero 564). I made a post a while back about this, but on Ragnarok 208 my tribe and I ended up losing a handful of some really good dinos due to these awful lag spikes/consistent crashes.
  5. Cool Updates, but...? Why are almost all servers I am in on Ark (recently) have almost 15+ second lag spikes. Even my tribe members experience this. Come on ark, fix things before adding Genesis
  6. I've had other moments where I lose my entire kit due to something as stupid as a crash. I've never experienced a game that crashes as much as ark tbh.
  7. Please Fix Game Before I get into this, here's my specs in case people think my PC is the problem: Ryzen 7 2700 Cosair 16 GB 3000 RAM MSI RTX 2060 MSI Mini-ITX AM4 Mobo Corsair 650W PSU I haven't had such a problem with ark up until now. In the past 4 hrs I've lost a total of 3 different tames due to crashes. Two of these crashes froze my PC completely and it's quite annoying. 2 died due to wyvern egg hunt (crashing while trying to get away) [Snow Owls lvl 200-300+] 1 died due to crashing in the middle of a fight against an alpha rex, get this, lvl 75 alpha rex, lmao [Managarmr lvl 300+] It's annoying having to worry about something as stupid as crashing/losing connection for no reason.
  8. I'm pretty new within the PvE community/the PvE trading community so I don't clearly understand what any of this means, but I do have to say, compared to when I played PvE 2-3 years ago, there are a lot of griefers. I recently got off PvP and joined PvE with my girlfriend just to play with her and other people in the server. The first few people we met were extremely supportive and nice people, but within just a few days (while we were farming) a player on a griffin led many wyverns nearby our base. Thankfully we had some velo's from our neighbors kill them off, but still, the griefer (still) continues to either grief us or other people around us while they're away from their base. It's a big shame that there are many griefers on PvE that you can't really do much about. I do wish there was more you could do against griefers like your friend experienced and that of what we're currently experiencing.
  9. I attempted the re-log twice, and even asked a tribe member from the main server to hop on and attempt to cryo it, but it's considered an "enemy" even though it's in the same tribe. Quite confusing tbh. I've done this multiple times before, even with some of our best dinos, and I never had a problem like this happen. I'm not so upset about losing the wyvern, but I'm just worried this might happen to something like our good rexes, lol. Then I'd really get my ass chewed. I left the tribe, attempted to cryo, then remade the same tribe and attempted again. Even had my buddy make the same tribe and cryo it, but it didn't work yet again. Honestly confused. lol
  10. Bug? So I ran into something that's kinda disappointing... I transferred to Scorched Earth to gather some resources (silicas/sulfer) and I take my wyvern to make it easier/faster. I throw out my cryopod Wyvern, create my tribe, and attempt to get on my wyvern. It wouldn't let me so I thought it was out of stamina (during a sand storm), then after closer look, it says I don't own the wyvern...? [Proof of my owning below]
  11. Ya, I just saw your post and other's. I hoped off to give my computer some air and I hop on to find myself having no sessions. My scout mana dead as hell probably
  12. Servers are definitely down, on unofficial and official. I was worried that my ark was dying on me and I'd have to reinstall lol Thank god I'm not the only one.
  13. Servers Down? Trying to transfer out of this server back into my main one and every beacon I go to wont allow me to transfer. "No Sessions Found" message pops up whenever I attempt to transfer. Now I'm stuck on this server LOL Idk if servers are down or if I'm just screwed. [8/6/19 7:00 PM CST]
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