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  1. Same here. I quit playing Valguero and turned off my Xbox for about an hour. When I logged back on Ark, I saw that Ark updated and showed the option to pre order Genesis. I logged into my single player valguero world and the character creation screen popped up. I know I didn’t clear any single player data. I don’t want to create a new character because it might delete the save I already have. Does anyone know how to restore single player data on the Xbox? All the other maps still have my single player data and I am only having this problem with Valguero.
  2. I have been having this issue since the start of extinction, but since every bug fix update that came out, the dashboarding issue seems to only be getting worse. I dashboard almost every 15-30 minutes, even when I am literally standing and doing nothing. When extinction first came out, I got dashboarded almost every hour. Restarting the game seems to slow down the dashboarding frequency for at least 30 minutes. After a certain amount of time, however, the textures of the terrain and the Dino’s seem to bug out and after that, I can usually feel when the game is about to dashboard. I play single player, so I have to constantly exit the game to make sure everything saves before the game suddenly dashboards. Just exiting the game does not seem to help the issue.
  3. So the Winter Wonderland update came out and I am still having the exact same problems. Is anyone having fewer issues since the update or still having the same issues? The only fixes that I have noticed that came with the update is that the Managarmr’s ice breath works better. Are these issues possible to fix?
  4. When I went and tamed a forest Titan in single player, it became beta because of how much health it had left. I believe it was around 600000 health. When I logged off and logged back into the game, it’s health went down to 400000. It seemed to have reverted back to a gamma forest Titan. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. I have this problem too. I took some enforcers to an OSD and my enforcers did not seem to take reduced damage. Are enforcers only supposed to take reduced damage when you are riding them? I haven’t really seen enforcers take reduced damage in both instances.
  6. This is off topic but, whenever I ride the velonasaur and use it’s turrent mode, some of its projectiles do not register and do not damage Dino’s especially corrupt Dino’s. When I use alt fire, even though I see the velonasaur’s spikes on the Dino, none of the spikes did any damage. Sometimes the ice beam of the managarmr also doesn’t register and goes right through Dino’s without damaging them. Any one else having this problem? Is this supposed to be apart of the game or is it a bug?
  7. I’m on the original Xbox. My game cuts to black and dashboard a lot, but here’s the thing, or at least for me, I experience no issues while doing an OSD or Titan battle. The only issue I have faced is bad textures during OSD battles and that’s it, but the textures were lasting pretty much the entire game. My game cuts to black and dashboards whenever I am just minding my own business like exploring the map, mining materials, or just killing Dino’s. I do not get issues during element vein defenses either. I have not played a lot since the second patch, but during the time I did play, I still have the same exact issues, so the patch did not really fix anything for me. I think my game even dashboarded sooner than it usually does before the patch came. I’m not sure if this is an Xbox thing or a game thing.
  8. Same thing is happening with me with the wildcard segment and the game start menu but I have experienced this since the release of extinction.
  9. I am still getting textures glitches, crashes, and rendering issues even after the patch in extinction single player. I am also getting these issues in other Ark maps. Is there going to be another bug fix soon? My game also cuts to a black screen and then dashboards after staying within the game for a long time. Texture and rendering issues start to show up more later into the game as well. Anyone else still having these problems as well?
  10. I am still getting a lot of rendering issues and ocassional crashes if I stay on the game for too long post bug fix update. Textures are bad too although not as bad as before. Extinction creatures textures are really bad. Sometimes they appear as triangular prism blobs for me while the regular Dino’s look normal. Does anyone know if there are going to be more bug fixes coming out soon?
  11. I am having a lot of issues with crashing, textures, and rendering while playing Extinction on single player on the Xbox. Most of my crashes are while I am traveling in the wastelands for a while. I am also having random crashes in the desert area, but I do not get crashes in the sunken forest area. Not sure about the snow area yet. There are also a lot of rendering and texture issues throughout the whole map. A lot of the terrain and Dino’s become untextured after a certain amount of time. I ocassionaly crash after I exit the game while it is loading out of the single player world. Is anyone else having these problems as well?
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