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  1. Yeah, I believe you are right about solo/ splitscreen players being low on WC’s priority list. I went on playing with these frustrations because I knew WC had to fix a lot of other things. But the game is out of early access and they are apparently finished with dlc. Maybe now the priority list is getting shorter and split screen will get a patch or two. Give me Structures Plus on console and you won’t hear me complain about split screen problems!
  2. I don’t mean that kind of freezing. I guess “freezing” is a poor choice of words on my part. Whenever one person just simply opens their inventory/ storage container/ or even moves something into their inventory via mining/ chopping/ picking, it causes the game to mess up for the other person. If the other player is gathering wood while im trying to put something in a storage container, I have to ask the other player to stop gathering so I can complete this task or I have to mash the button quickly and most likely move more items than I intended. There are many hiccups when both players are accessing inventory or even while one player is gathering and the other is accessing invtory. Its much more frustrating than I can explain and you will know what I am taking about if you play split screen on ps4. I cannot say if this problem persists on xbox.
  3. My wife and I have been playing splitscreen ever since Ark was released on console. We play on a ps4 pro currently. It has been a very buggy and frustrating experience. It seems like none of the splitscreen issues have been addressed at all since launch as I have seen zero improvement. I never complained when the game wasn’t finished since bugs are to be expected in early access games. When either player accesses their inventory, acceses a storage container, or moves items from an inventory to a container or vice versa, the game freezes and has to catch up. It is very frustrating if we are trying to use our inventory at the same time. It will ignore commands and buttons have to be pushed multiple times for it to register. We jumped back into the game with the recent release of extinction, but were quickly reminded of our past frustrastions with splitscreen. If these issues were fixed then splitscreen would be amazing. A few other issues with splitscreen: Both players are forced to be in either first person or third person when riding a dinosaur. We cannot have one player in first person and another in third when riding a mount. When a weapon skin is applied, it is shown hovering infront of the player when viewed by the other player. If a creature is on your shoulder (otter for example) it cannot be seen by the other player unless the player who is carrying the creature goes into third person. Player two cannot see underwater unless player one is underwater. We have a 55” inch tv and it is still difficult to read the a lot of the information on screen (not a big issue). The big issue with splitscreen is the inventory freezing that I mentioned first. The other issues aren’t a huge deal, but it would be a 10/10 if all these issues were eventually patched. I know these issues are not exclusive to us because we recently upgraded to a ps4 pro and are experiencing the exact same issues.
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