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  1. MobY


    hours how many hours do you guys got?
  2. MobY

    best metal spot

    best metal spot best metal spot ?
  3. Noen norske her? Noen norske her?
  4. how long dose the lightning stops tek gennys how long is the lighning turning down the all tek stuff?
  5. MobY

    purple drops

    purple drops Can u do it solo?
  6. MobY

    Favorit Beer

    Favorit Beer Whats ur fav beer to drink ?
  7. MobY

    New Trader

    New Trader just trying to rank up
  8. whats ur coolest Color on dinos whats ur coolest Color on dinos
  9. what cave best to build in? witch cave is the best cave to build in ? easy to defend
  10. is it any good place to build ? Hi! are it any good place to build on this map? anyone got som good basespots to build on?
  11. whats ur fav place to build on abb? whats are your favoritt spot to build on ?
  12. MobY

    hi all!

    hi all! hi all!
  13. thinkin about starting on crossark server cons and pros`?
  14. MobY

    hello all

    hello all Hello all ! Just starting out but looking to get into the trading business
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