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  1. I don't know if this is already a known bug, but the Flexible Electrical Cables cannot be crafted anymore for some reason, also the engram appears as unlearned even if you unlocked it before. There is a possibility that this problem is also affecting some other engrams or items.
  2. ARK en Steam determina el lenguaje del juego dependiendo de el lenguaje que tienes en Steam, así que si funciona de la misma forma en la tienda de Microsoft, vas a tener que cambiar el lenguaje de la tienda de Microsoft a Español para que también se ponga en el juego. Saludos.
  3. I didn't expect someone to say such a cute thing. Thanks for your reply, you saved me from losing my sanity here, but I'm afraid that is not the problem. I deleted the whole ARK update and downloaded it all again, but before it, I made sure to free a little bit of space. (Yes, from both drives... I don't even.) I still have plenty of space left, but the game still won't work. Now it says the update got cancelled and I didn't cancel anything, I waited till the end of the update and when it was done, it just skipped it and started downloading the update of another game, it even says 4.0 GB / 4.0 GB...
  4. I have my ARK game installed on my second drive (a HHD), and when the update of today goes online I try to download it, it was supposed to be about 2.5 GB or so, or at least that's what steam was telling me. The update hasn't even been downloaded completely yet when there is already another update of like 3 GB or so... I was thinking: "Okay?... that's a little weird, but fine, let's keep downloading the other one cause I want to play. The update was about to finish when I get an error or advice from steam telling me that I can't install the update cause my disk is full...? What? I still had like 150 GB free on my drive. I go check my drives to see what's going on and I notice that there is a file of 20 GB from ARK on my main drive (an SSD) on which I don't even have the game installed on, of course causing this to fill and thus steam giving me the message of disk full. Are you guys so good at glitching things that you even managed to glitch the download process of the game? Or did your bugs already spread to Steam? Will I finish the update and run ARK to launch Max Payne or something? Also, on the patch notes, what do you mean "Attempt to fix"? What do you want us to do? Clap? Put a star on your forehead and say good job? You could've at least said: "We are currently working on fixing this". Instead of: "Guys, we tried to fix the problem, but honestly, it's too hard for us, we don't know how our game works so we gave up, but keep playing the game as it is :)". I can't even do that, I can't even play the game as it is because the game won't download the update correctly.
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