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  1. Megatheriums, if you wanna go secure, get also a Daeodon and a Yuty. The moment you enter the arena, you gotta whistle the Megatheriums to surround and start attacking the damn spider immediately, make the Daeodon follow one of the Megas while healing with a bunch of food on his inventory, and you encourage everyone riding the Yuty from behind.
  2. You probably already found out, but yes, you can.
  3. Most of the suggestions are complaints my guy, suggestions to change something because they don't like it, because they think it's broken, it's unfair. I went to suggestions, sorted by date and searched for the word "DLC" and I couldn't find anything until page 3. It's a post of someone complaining over the fact that they need to download a DLC to be able to learn the engrams from that map. He suggested not having the need to be in the map to do that. Even YOU replied on that suggestion with another complaint to Wildcard. I kept on looking for more "DLC" word related posts, and I only found something relevant until page 7... I never specifically talked about bugs, if you knew how to read, you could notice that I clearly said at the first line of my reply: "Fixes, solutions to a lot of problems", plus, I wasn't even talking about the ARK forums, I was talking about Twitter. But I'll take as an example what you mention anyways; PvP and PvE balances; That has always been a HUGE problem for the whole ARK community, well, I'll give you a quick solution right now from the top of my head. Just add a switch that changes the whole configuration of the server. You wanna make a PvP server? Boom, switch it to PvP and the configuration and settings are automatically changed to PvP. What? You wanna do the opposite and make a PvE server? Boom, switch it to PvE and all the settings are put to PvE mode. What would those settings and configurations be? I don't know, there is already a whole ass 6 pages about those suggestions on that very post. But from what I understand, most of the complaints come from the PvE community since the current configuration of the game is set to have a balanced PvP environment. How about making the Managarmr being able to do a poop load of jumps like before and make the Gacha able to overcap loot (weapons, tools, etc.), hell, even bring back the old flyers (level up speed). There, I gave you a quick solution, now take into consideration that THAT post has been there for OVER A YEAR. Very ironic of you to say that most of the community doesn't complain about anything when you just mentioned that the most upvoted post is about a problem that hasn't been addressed properly for over a year. Which by the way, that problem has been around for even longer since that post was created.
  4. It kinda has been sounding like one for the past two years though. Pretty much everyone asking for fixes, for solutions to a lot of problems, but what have we been getting? DLC's after DLC's. When have you ever seen someone in these forums asking for more DLC's? And the persons who have done that are players who gave up on Wildcard fixing stuff and got used to all the glitches, bugs and the stupid unfairness of the game. Have you seen what people say every time the official twitter posts something or retweets something? There is not a single post in which people are not complaining about a glitch, bug or problem. There is a reason why they shut down the bounty program they held for the first 2-3 years of the game's development, because it wasn't profitable. The company would have already gone bankrupt because of all the bugs and glitches the community has found until now and have been complaining for in the last 3 years.
  5. Yeah, like singleplayer. Even though most of the mechanics of the game push you to play multiplayer, and in a PvP environment.
  6. Just a reminder that this game cost 60$ dollars.
  7. Agreed, specially Aberration ones, there's only like 5 of them and all of them are laggy as hell. 31 used to be decent, but in the past couple of days it has been turning into poop. Really hard to believe Aberration came out more than 2 years ago and still is the least optimized and cared expansion.
  8. This was probably already mentioned, but I'm very lazy to read all of this. Why don't you just add an option to enable and disable the Managarmr nerf when opening the server? That way you can enable or disable it depending on if it's a PvP server, a PvE server or just a private custom server. Cause I'm pretty sure the ones complaining about it being nerfed are either PvE players or just play on private servers, and the ones that first complained about the Managarmr being too OP were PvP players.
  9. ARK en Steam determina el lenguaje del juego dependiendo de el lenguaje que tienes en Steam, así que si funciona de la misma forma en la tienda de Microsoft, vas a tener que cambiar el lenguaje de la tienda de Microsoft a Español para que también se ponga en el juego. Saludos.
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