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  1. It’s all the small things, I won’t lie I stopped playing the game when there was the metal bug with smelting that screwed up inventories in extinction other than that I can enjoy the game, it’s beautiful and is fun when it works.
  2. When fortnite players complain about a company who’s only been around for 6 years. Gotta love it.
  3. When people who know what they are doing, get attacked by people who know nothing. Leave the devs alone, they are doing what they can, it’s their job yes but is it their entire life no. I bet OP is one of those players that constantly ask for starters on servers that have one, then call out the admins for not doing their job. Devs and admins for this game and any other get the same treatment from people like this, impatient and ignorant.


    I’m done playing ark, I loved the game but now it’s just ridiculous. I can’t enjoy my Christmas break with this garbage trash Christmas update, after losing literally everything. After checking if I had everything that was my personal belonging thing building and Dino. I had a tek rep, chem benches, vaults, a grill I had a cryo fridge filled with Dinos, but all that is gone because of wildcard’s incompetence with making sure their steaming crap pile of a game doesn’t break every update.


    I left 2 tribes in this server. When I left the first tribe it was before the update, but after the update I left another tribe so these were two resent instances, so after leaving the second one I lost my entire base, and it said everything was personally owned by me. I then made a different tribe as I had a tame near by and after I left the tribe that tame belong to that particular tribe I had made. Even though I was the personal owner of everything (it even said I was) I still couldn’t use anything.
  6. It’s been everywhere, honestly till wild card fixes it, there is no way to fix it unless you simply use refining forges or hoard all the CP and obsidian
  7. Found it out while browsing the wiki page of the desert titan, but it's also in the latest pc patch notes Do you know if it’s been added into Xbox, I’ve been at work.
  8. Defeating the titans now gives you tekgrams , you can get the complete armor, the rifle, the sword and the Tek generator if you defeat all the smaller ones (King titan doesn't give any engramms to my knowledge) How did you learn of this?
  9. And how do I gain the normal tek engrams that I have get from the bosses in previous maps?
  10. A youtuber pointed out that, if you don’t have the tek rep unlocked and you do pick up the BP from the drops it doesn’t appear, which I can confirm so.
  11. So let me get this straight, you’re required to play all the other maps before moving into extinction to have access to tek? That is way beyond having Tek available, and having to move into server with a maxed out character, that’s kind of ridiculous and poor DLC design. I pretty much am having the remainder of my work being handed down to me without a true challenge. What’s the point of this new DLC then you can’t enjoy it if you already have a proper character that can survive most things and for what just engrams that you gain from fighting bosses previously? Then what’s the point of the Titans then? You can tame a flashy raid winning monster, then what lose it and you just simply wasted your time for nothing to gain. I love extinction, the only thing that bothers me is the Tek being said “Being more available” doesn’t seem to be available at all for new players coming to extinction.
  12. I’m not too upset now that I have a chem bench and the means to make CP in bulk, but still it’s tough
  13. I’ve been having a issue with forges bugging out on me, saying I have -30 slots out of 60 and they won’t smelt anything. Apparently the only fix is to remove it completely. After working hard to get one, it’s tedious for me to just go back out and gather another odd number of cementing paste and obsidian for polymer, it’s also tedious for server admins to having to spawn in another one for people because it happens everywhere and to everyone.
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