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  1. Fair, but Lightnings deal far more damage, and still out there, they would be some kind "Artillery Support" for the PvP community, snipe ppl on FOBs or act like the Stryder cannon
  2. Fair, but Lightnings deal far more damage, and still out there, they would be some kind "Artillery Support" for the PvP community, he has my vote
  3. Most of ARK creatures never really existed lmao and nobody never said is only about dinosaurs, actually not even half of the creatures in the game are real dinosaurs
  4. "Power of lightning" This game is already dead enough, no need to kill it more
  5. I hope Desmodus wont be a flying Megalo which u can only use at night,people only use megalos on aberration because they are always awake Well imo it should be buffed at night (stamina,damage - just like the spino water buff) sou can still use it and ppl might use them at PVP depending on its skills,if not they will be PVE only
  6. Funny how WC made Lost Island tames SOOO PVE and difficult that the maps were 20/70 most of the time (gen 2 capped almost all the servers)
  7. Breedable Rockdrakes and Karkinos would be op for PVP and remove Shadowmane from the game they r unholy #Carcha
  8. Hey WC ik dedi box is important and all,but can we talk about GOD MODE MESHING KILLING YOUR GAME?
  9. aside the giga has a different resistance,gigas cant stand for another giga bites for much time,not like other dinos does
  10. hm yea u right the monki viability only depends on his range and what it does affect or not tbh,if he only disable useless things like T E K L I G H T S then its useless but if he hits ff turrets and this kind of stuff the its meta
  11. manas are dead,wc killed them pvp nowadays is only about sitting on a shadowmane waiting enemies to come and go tappy/noglin push while they are dead,or flood wiping if you are not on PS4
  12. throwing normal grenades is pve dude,and the tek disable thing will be nothing unless it has more range than a tek saddle,maybe forcefields can be disables easier or something like that looks pve atm
  13. ok now im 100% sure you play PVE,the monki is useless unless he has more range than a tek saddle,and fabby can deal with ppl using tek suit pretty well lol if it has more than a tek saddle then it will get nerfed
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