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  1. You can make a Character at Crossplay server and then you can play at Pc with Microsoft Version or at Xbox . Other versions or other Server not work . Have a nice day
  2. When you guys fix the problem with the bee hive spawn ? Its now 2 Month with this Problem at Official Server. Crossplay Server 846 and others . We must wait a half year before its get fixed ??? Payed Bionic Skins are also missing.... also a long time missing.. I Imagine , only 1 Guy at Wildcard work about bugfixes then i understand why it takes so long ..
  3. When you want play on Crossplay server or Smalltribes server you must make a new character. No transfer posible between these. Crossplay Charakter can transfer only crossplay Smallttribes character only smalltribes server etc.
  4. Them not change anti mesh system and how it works because of the cheater and mesher . I got droped into a flower on genesis and died because anti- mesh too.
  5. You tried to restart the router ? I had this issue 2 times and it works for me .
  6. 1. Payed Bionic Skins not appear only skins from achievements. (Kill and default survivor items not help) 2. Chat massages not work probably, sometimes send messages sometimes not . (Friend on pc has the same problem ,windows ark version) 3. Server 846 The center no bee hives spawning since 4 week now
  7. Same problem yes , i have all bionic costumes all gone but rex bionic i have .. kill character and reinstalling game don’t help
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