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  1. My bf and I have been playing on a few maps through both single player and non-dedicated server. We've been using cheats to help us build otherwise we would get nothing done. We have saved games on the island, the center, and Ragnarok. However, starting about 3 days ago while we've been strictly on the ragnarok map, about every hour the game crashes without warning and saves no progress. I cant help but think its the cheats we may be using, but it hasnt done this on any other map we've played on. Its getting pretty tiring having to constantly build the same thing over and over again. Tried the cheat saveworld, said it saved, but crashed right afterwards. Logged back in and still nothing was saved. Any ideas??? Do we need to delete saved files? Play on a single server??
  2. Oh sorry, I'm playing on the non dedicated host server so we dont have to worry about other players killing us. The only mods I'm using are the editable ones through the main page and admin command
  3. I apologize if this is in the wrong place, I am still very new to the game and this forum. My bf and I started a game on the island map, but because there are no wyverns and its hard to find our way back to base when we wander off, I was wondering if there was any way we could somehow swap our structures over to a new map? I want to get on SE but my bf doesnt want to switch if we cant move our base over. Thanks!
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