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  1. How on earth do I make objects/materials/meshes dyeable in the Ark Dev Kit? I'm pretty new to this and finding up-to-date information is pretty difficult. I have tried every tutorial I can find online and have had no success. I have a bottle-like object I wish to make dyeable, it is a single colour but the material is translucent - is this the issue?
  2. If you haven't seen his works around the web, I highly recommend doing a search for Captain Fatdog. I genuinely don't think I'd enjoy Ark half as much if I hadn't watched and implemented what I've learned from his videos. He has some great tutorials on how to build complex and/or circular structures on uneven ground. If you're on console like me and don't have access to all the wonderful mods out there, learning some of his techniques is a game-changer.
  3. I'm on Xbox One and can't play either. Since the extinction update I've been experiencing game crashes every 3 - 5 minutes on Primitive + (Single player), Survival Evolved seems to be running as normal. Most of the reoccurring faults with Primitive + seem to be back in abundance too. Such a shame.
  4. Since the big Extinction update on Xbox One all adobe doorways have disappeared on my Primitive + single player maps, deleting any structures snapped to them. I can craft (both sets of) adobe doorways via their engrams but I cannot place either. There are still duplicate adobe wall and windowframe engrams which are able to be crafted but not placed, though this particular fault was present before the recent update. I can both craft and place adobe doorframes in Survival Evolved. I don't own the Extinction DLC, and the only maps I have save data for are The Island and Ragnarok. I'm relatively new to Ark - I really enjoy the additional structures and objects for Primitive +, they make for some complex, interesting, and stylised builds, however it is clear that there are a variety of other faults with the game mode, many of which have already been highlighted in these community forums. I really hope Primitive + has these issues addressed, I would hate to see this official mod go to waste, especially considering how limited we already are on console.
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