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  1. Interior turrets are awesome especially when people think theyre in scot free
  2. Make as many of the most powerful turrets you possibly can
  3. Ark was horrific for the first couple of years, to be expected with 'early access'
  4. A pirate expansion to Ark would be dope... how hard would it be to just add transmitters to atlas to transfer stuff over?
  5. Yeah I'm in the same boat. Unfortunate as I mostly just lurk and there's better ways to proove you're not a bot Anyways good luck!
  6. Looking for players to join the Pyrrhocorax PVE cluster! Running S+, enhanced beacons, and platforms plus. Features: 2x Harvest / XP 7x Taming / Breeding 4 servers - Island, Ragnarok, Abberation, Extinction Discord - https://discord.gg/55y4hVD Dedicated servers located in Canada, with active admin. Not many players yet so tons of room for building available
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