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  1. Invisible Dinos Anyone still having invisible dinos in v800? my aberrant otter family on our official crossark pvp genesis server is entirely invisible and i know for a fact they are there because i managed to cryopod a few of them out of thin air. i took video as proof. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahv1XNrq7k6JhXzGTCOATt1f_td3?e=KLVCxF
  2. GaryJarcya

    Missing Otters

    UPDATE: the baby i threw out this morning shows to have starved in tribe log. (slight relief??) but now i cant open anythings inventory except my own, cant pick up shoulder pets, and cant equip items. even from my hotbar. y'know if i didnt JUST reinstall this is about the point where i would consider it.
  3. GaryJarcya

    Missing Otters

    Missing Otters I had a family of about 20 otters, then the v800 situation came and when i finally was able to patch all of my otters are missing. noone cryopodded them and there is no deaths in tribe log. they are just gone. i have a few babies left in my cryofridge and those babies now have velociraptor icons instead of otters although the names and levels are accurate. when i uncryo a 'raptor' the pod becomes empty but nothing hits the floor. it seems as if releasing them deletes them. just wondering if i should keep them in quasi stasis forever or whats going on.... i lost my entire line of ONLY this species and im very confused about it. EDIT: i play on pc on an official crossark pvp server.
  4. please help. idk who else to ask and im facing a permanent loss of ark and everything i have ever built including relationships w my tribe if i cant get the game to even redownload/install/launch
  5. error code 0x8024801E ive been having problems with ark since this fiasco. it wont update, not even to the 'invisible dinos' that keep crashing. monday comes, no new updates from MS store, so i uninstall. the moment i go to reinstall, i get this error message and now the game refuses to download at all. the expansions seem to go through ok, but the CORE Ark: Survival Evolved app WILL NOT download. EDIT: possible fix, idk if it will patch, but it downloads from ms store now. complicated registry problem that i had to go through multiple command lines of powershell in admin to fix. unreasonable, but potentially functional.
  6. tried that, tried restarting the pc, even tried uninstalling and now the MS store keeps giving me this bs error code, and ark refuses to download. 0x8024801E if i dont figure something out soon im looking at never playing ark again unfortunately. i dont know where else to turn. this game has worked fine for years for me. new update comes, data gets corrupted by the patch, cant login....NEW fix comes, tribe recovers fine, im still shut out in the dark. losing my mind yall.
  7. Corruption So, word on the street is some data got corrupted in this newest patch. Who else wants to take a bet that corruption is caused by Element?? You see what happens when you play God, Wildcard?
  8. can I ask why it is that my UK tribemates on discord are currently playing on our official server but there is no update in the Microsoft store for America? I didnt realize an American company like MS would push international versions through first and stall their own native certs. i feel a tad....eschewed.
  9. its probably not dead, just invisible. i know that bug applies to abberrant variants, but it may apply to a few other species as well. If i were you, id leave it cryo'd or you risk it starving or anything else you can get arkd by
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