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  1. Will the Evo Event actually be active this weekend. The one announced for the 19-22 didn't seem to be working on the valguero map I was on, and it seemed like others had similar problems.
  2. Made an initial report on December 23rd and did not receive any support other than canned responses. I lost a wyvern due to server lag and the creature falling through the map. This is what I sent originally and did not receive any help. Was flying toward my base and was attempting to land in front of the doors. The animation showed that I had landed but my wyvern mount continued to drift forward through the ground. While this was happening I attempted to dismount to prevent my wyvern from taking fall damage, I also attempted to resume flying but was unable to achieve either. My base is located on a large plateau so the end result was that my wyvern continued to drift forward over the side of the plateau and eventually reached the ground where it took fatal fall damage. The situation occurred so quickly that I was unable to take video or screenshots. The wyvern was a 180 lighting wyvern when hatched. If any other information is needed I will be happy to provide it.
  3. OC Server 467 was down for a couple days and now that it is back up it no longer is able to upload or download items from the ark. Attempted to both upload and download items the ark data at the obelisk, and when I do the items transfer to the ark data inventory but do not show up when I am on another server.
  4. Server has been missing from list for over 24 hours, before this incident it was sporadically up and down and ping was always 9999. 3 reports have been made already using server outage form
  5. There are actually a couple places in the city that are up on the side of a building with water available, and with the addition of cryopods you dont need a huge base just something small compact and lots of defenses
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