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  1. Oh i should add i am not trying to undermine how you feel. You should not have to put up with this. But you at least have the choice to spawn stuff in. Official at the moment is crazy. Currently going through a issue since the update that it won't let me get back on my rag server. Another two people i know are having the same issue. Oddly enough the one tribe mate on rag has had no problems throughout both the last two updates from hell.
  2. This is a thing. You also might notice that some bases have crazy timers on them. Even Tek decaying before other pieces including wood storage chests. We had a dino die within24hrs and the punch bag thing decay even though its right infront of our main doors. full view. Sorry to hear this happened to you. The wyverns should never have starved out. Did you check your tribe log for anything from Wildcard. They do sometimes leave messages then wipe bases.
  3. You are clearly not understanding. Getting on to my server via the normal route took 6 times. When i transfered to Scorch that was within the normal transfer timer. The transfers are clearly messed up. Two different issues going on here. But all related to the update.So a update since i posted this. I shut the game down and it allowed me to log into my scorch server. So i think ill stay here for a while. Talking about having to twist yourself in knots just to do things on a game.
  4. Am i looking forward to winter wonderland........ Well i currently am looking forward to a update that does not mess everything up... Also i am looking forward to extracting my character from the ob that is now stuck in it. No beds showing on my server.. All because for a second i thought i was safe and best go feed my scorch animals before something else happens and i can't get off Rag since i spent at least 6 shots to get onto Rag. Finally that seemed to be ok. But no the minute i tried to change servers whammo. Crashed my character then put up some log in crap followed up by my character having died on Rag and no bed to spawn in. So yea. Well done Wildcard. HAVE YOU ALL NEVER CONSIDERED TESTING THING BEFORE RELEASE??????
  5. and its getting worse. my character stuck in the ob. when i go to download it is not registering any of our tribe beds. You would have to be a fool to purchase the new Genises pass.
  6. Ok so i just tried to transfer to my scorch and got this lock thing. Went back to rag and i was killed. Now won't let me load in. A fetus could run this game better
  7. Why would i wait 5 min? I logged in the server at least 6 times and each time it loaded in. half undressed. The base that is and the crashed. Last one it was almost like everything loaded in correctly in one go and i was in safe and sound. Another tribe mate can not even get past the server side. Every server he tries won't load at all.
  8. you should try this on official. Through the last mess up a lot of people lost bases when they had no one else in the tribe. One thing on single player its another on official. But either way these things should be fixed. Wildcard makes some strange life choices for this game.
  9. Some good news on my side. 6 shots and i am in. Here is hoping it stays that way.
  10. Its exactly the same as during the event. log in then crash out
  11. Update crashing us again. Why??????? Congratulations again for a extraordinary level of incompetence from Wildcard. After the last complete debacle of a server update they follow up with another. Clearly not bothering to check things before they release and then on top Pc users complaining that its the same again they choose again to release it to Xbox and playstation. Congratulations. Moron lvl reached. Please for the love of anything rational sell the company to someone that has some idea of how this is done. I have zero Intention of buying the new map because of this type of thing. If i could get my money back for the other ones just out of spite i would.
  12. You won't need to worry about it. Wildcard have gone with the sensible update technique of making sure no one can get on...... Another round of unchecked patch and server updates.
  13. Silence during a crises is not going to sell a game or a new map. Not updating people on what is happening is not going to sell your game. How many times do you really need to just ignore your players and those that might purchase games in the future from you. I already have not bothered buying the other game because one poorly run game is enough in my life. Clearly since the last patch and from it messed things up on Pc 2 days prior you all have ignored your player base. Come on its rude. Makes people angry. Most people realize that a fix is not easy but when you play silent it just aggravates things. A huge chunk of servers are causing issues with players. Unable to log in etc. Players should not be twisting themselves in knots just to get into bases they work hard for. I am well sick of the comment from the devs about being survivors. If you played this game at all you would know when you have problems and things would be repaired before they got broken more. Over and over the PVP players and pc players take priority over PVE and console. Worse still your team seems to prefer punishing everyday players rather then actually banning the dupers.
  14. Well this is just another reason to move onto another game. I am having issues with Rag. Specifically my main server of 161. I probably won't bother getting the next map etc. Because the Devs are disrespectful. They treat the dupers better then their main players. PvP seems to be the only ones they give a poop about. They honestly need to grow up and put it in the hands of a company that can run it. I did not bother buying Atlas because one badly run game by them is enough for me. I mostly enjoy the game but i have to say i am getting to the well done with it stage again. I already took a over 6 mth break from Ark. Was not coming back to official. I can take the basic issues. Been through some ups and downs. But its the complete spit in the eye attitude from the company. Honestly unless people start to really get across to the public how bad this company is. For a short while of a maybe 6 mths it felt like someone was updating. I liked that. I appreciate that things can be complicated. But to be flogging off a new map and ignoring the problems of the masses is a big no no. The last i seen on this issue was early on when they spoke about re deploying Pc servers after issues with patch. Why release it to xbox and playstation if they have a issue.
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