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  1. I just checked my Nitrado servers and it says they where last updated on the 11th Dec, which means Nitrado have not yet added the Winter Wonderland event, we just have to wait
  2. Another updated , supposed fix, another broken game. Just got the Windows 10 update and now the game wont get past this screen. Can you not do anything right ?
  3. An actual WC Dev should have the balls to come in here and explain to all of us why they are so incompetent at doing an update to add a limited time event
  4. I run a cluster that costs hundreds of dollars each month and being a windows 10 player i cant even get on my own cluster to assist my players , how can you justify what they do by saying its the reality we live in ? I get the feeling the Ark devs think as much about their player base as you do, and thats not a lot
  5. GP , the excuses just dont cut it anymore , if it was just this update that was messed up by the devs then fair enough , but its every update they do. They been updating for 4 or 5 years and they still mess it up with very little direct communication with the community. Its time for them to pass this great game on to new developers , Microsoft seem to like this game , just sell it to them like most other companies. How is it other games get regular updates with no problems but yet WildCard dont seem to have a clue how to do it ?
  6. Is the crystal Isles update going to be at 6PM GMT or 6PM Pacific ?
  7. This is not true, if it was a game like the new COD game or Fortnite , regardless of it being the weekend or not , the update would have been out already. You expect us to believe MS would let a game like that to be unplayable for 4 days ?
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