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  1. when is this map coming to the xbox as i curriuse and cant wait
  2. TinyHippo thank you i am still new to the game and im learning alot so thank you for letting me know
  3. dose anyone know when the s+ stuff comes to the xbox one you can do the pickups but no s+ gear yet
  4. merry christmas everyone and a happy new year hope its a great year for everyone and i cant wait for more update i enjoy this game so much
  5. why can i still not do any boss battles and the artifacts are still a no show
  6. hi im on xbox one playing single player since the last update for some reason i can not do boss battels and some of the artifacts are a no show on all of the maps, what should i do iv already tryed rebooting uninstall then reinstall and deleated all files but nothing seems to work.
  7. i cant do bosses, artifacts are a no show and i seem to not be able to do anything on all maps i am on xbox one single player
  8. hi i am new to this site so i am struggaling to understand as i have learning difficulties, however a friend of mine intradusted me to the ark world and i am loving it as its a place where i can excape to and to let my imaganation run wild, i have been playing ark with my friend for about 7months and now been playing on single player for 3months there was no problemes untill now, where ever since extinction came out i can no long be able to summan or teleaport to the bosses or titains in any of the maps, also none of the itams that i am looking for to build is showing me nor telling me what they are, also on single player the artifacts on extinction is a no show, if anyone could help itll be most appreashiated thank you
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