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  1. They didn't really "add Managarmrs" to those maps, per se. Ark allows you to transfer dinos between maps, thus allowing Managarmrs to go from Extinction to whichever map the player wants
  2. Did you read the rest of the patch notes? They're fixing the bugs! They are working to make this game, that I and plenty of others love, better than it was already.
  3. Have you learnt the Engrams for them?
  4. I always have at least 50 fortitude. It's really useful to defend against torpor damage.
  5. Well, my favorite dino is the Pacheycephelosaurus IRL. But in game it's the Tapejara.
  6. How do you get to use the tapejara saddle in Extinction? I spawned one in on Single Player but it doesn't work correctly. Do I have to degeat the Dragon?
  7. They're called Purlovia. They aren't a new creature, but they aren't too common.
  8. Hi, I couldn't find a Bug Reports page for PS4, but I seem to be encountering a bug with the whistle commands. Whenever I attempt to do any whistles involving my surrounding dinos(Stop All and Whistle Passive specifically) they don't work. I don't know if anyone else has come across this or even if it's a bug in Scorched or Ark as a whole.
  9. Have you watched any videos on it? That's the only thing I can suggest
  10. I know torpor doesn't mutate, but only goes up by a certain percentage per level. I can't help with the others though, I thought that's how it works too
  11. Hey, all! I figured I'd make this post to list general info on the creatures of Ark. For instance, the Oviraptor and its association with eggs due to those who found the first fossil of it thinking that it was trying eat eggs near said fossil. If I don't list it and you know the reason for an ability a dino has, please post it so I can add to this post. Achatina - No info Allosaurus - Pack creatures due to many Allo fossils being found near each other Ammonium - Inspiration for Ammonite Bile might be from squids spewing ink. Angler - Ark Anglers actually don't behave very much like they do in real life. Anglerfish use the "sit and wait" tactic of catching fish, while Ark has very aggressive fish. Ankylosaurus - It's common knowledge that Ankylosaurs had tails that were able to crush bone, so it only makes sense that the devs would choose this as a mining tool Archaeopteryx - Thought of as the "missing link" between birds and dinos, gliding instead of flying makes perfect sense because these creatures most likely didn't achieve flight, but may have used their wings in a gliding fashion. Argentavis - Though the real Argentavis looked very different, it was the biggest bird around. Argentavis most likely could only have flown for short burst, similar to how Pteranodons fly in game. More to come
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