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  1. Left trigger on Xbox to pick up Ank doe etc. Or right click analogue to pick up dodo Dilo etc.
  2. Thank you. What sort of health you reckon would be good
  3. As oli says it may be because you already have a character in the cloud.
  4. We have a metal box next to teleporter and transmitter in radiation zone on abb. Pretty much only use it to refresh timers. Was wondering if a tek box would give us time to get dressed and turn on teleporter on, as going down by drake to turn on teleporter is kinda defeating the point lol.
  5. No this was on official hence I was well happy
  6. Since seeing your post a few days ago, have been watching tek gennies on abb and rag. Both seem to be using 1 element every 18 hours. Have you checked range ? Maybe changed it by accident.
  7. Personally preferred the loading screen with Helena on her raptor. Takin every one back to nooby days. Really like the abb starting music.
  8. Yes have thrown out 3 baby gig as and all came out about 2 foundations to the right of where I threw them. Still in a nice line so didn't mind much.
  9. As of last week they have started to replace some tek as well. The missus lost 2 characters and got at least transmit an teleporter unlocked as well as all unpodded imprints.
  10. Just tamed 145 argy. Was 265 Melee pre tame came out 382 . As a bonus it was yellow and green event but would have been happy either way.
  11. Should have added that if raising to increase stats should really get rid of ones that finish breeding Ie pod kill or give to noobs. Has for reporting above pic, you can but will be up to the Devi as to wether they consider it trying to cap server or not.
  12. Kinda missing the point that fill server with 200 5 minute tames compared to raising stats on rexes that take 5 days to raise.
  13. Have tamed high level pego in the past fine, tried 145 during Easter event with plants of room and the taming dropped to 0 between each feed. Tried varying amounts of different berries to no avail. Caution worth dodo den they seem to have gotten a few errors for thing try survive ark companion app as well, seems to be on top since kibble rework.
  14. Mainly person experience. But WC have optimised walls to load in batches a couple of times. And have merged with guy who left server and the missus demoed his doors an replace with walls and could feel the difference. Hard proof is kinda hard to provide but feel it most when flying a wyvern. I play pve, so can kinda understand beh doors on pvp because they have higher health but still only a couple of c4 to blow them.
  15. Wild Card have given us large walls to use but so many people keep building with doors. The doors create a lot more lag when rendering yet large walls can keep a giga out. So blame the builders on your own server for the lag.
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