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  1. Kristofer

    lost my skins... AGAIN

    Have you got more than 1 profile logged in. On Xbox and when using alt for crafting an forget to log him out don't get skins on my main. Log craft out and all is good.
  2. Kristofer

    ark xbox I would like to thank ark

    Seriously. They stopped decay timers to stop people losing bases. The missus had 2 characters returned, all imprints levels and at least the transmitter unlocked. And you slate the guy that says thx. Is gratitude that hard to do.
  3. Kristofer

    How to tranq a Kairuku

    Haven't tame a bear since owl came 😊 Good call tho thx
  4. Kristofer

    How to tranq a Kairuku

    Just to add there are a few others can't tame with cross bow. Gall hard and Dire bear not at all. Others like giga where cross bow better coz faster reload and less chance to kill it.
  5. Kristofer


    They got rid of timers 6 days after lost character so don't get how stone would have decayed. Dinos starving is a whole not her issue.
  6. Kristofer

    Do in store brought plant give you potent dust

    What game are you playing?
  7. Kristofer

    My 5 giga died with 29:50 min timer on the bag

    After you pod babies to sleep, it's worth hanging around 15 minutes for the next server save. That way if it rolls back they will still be ok.
  8. Kristofer

    Really, now you disable auto-decay?

    Auto decay has been turned off in an effort to stop bases an dinosaur des pawn while they work on the back log off deleted characters. Does not help if you had a thatch house though.
  9. Every one likes to cry about WC blaming them for the lag. Why does no one realise it's the massive bases surrounded by Beth doors that causes most of it. For pve it is totally unnecessary especially sinc they have added 4 high walls which is enough to keep a giga out. Add 1 more and even the titanosaur can't get in
  10. The other way to see this is if not pillared you would have lots small base on spawn area and you would spawn inside of the base not even giving you a chance to do anything. I know some servers go ov the top but there is normally a lot of land left when you venture out of spawn area.
  11. Kristofer

    Rock Drake egg kibble broken?

    @invincble have often wondered if the mods actually play the game. Confirmed
  12. Kristofer

    2X bleeding...

    Can use cryo pod to just do the raise when you can. Especially now it doesn't effect care timers.
  13. Kristofer

    Imprinting and dino transfer

    The care has to be done with the character that did the imprint.
  14. Kristofer

    Dissappearing dinos after cryopod

    Long shot but disappearing dinosaurs use to respawn at 50 50. At least worth a look.