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  1. You dont have to make your char travel to another server. Uploads are profile bound so can just start a new char and most people dont mind taking you to obb/transmit as part of the trade.
  2. Easiest fix i know of is get an Xbox series X then got none of that pc garble stuff to deal with. In Todds famous word " It just works " er well kind of any hoo.
  3. Not an ideal fix but just stay away from the laggy area ?
  4. Are you playin mobile ? because on xbox playstaion or pc there is no such thing as taffy
  5. Not gonna help now but whenever i transfer servers i do it naked. With all my stuff in upload that way if it goes wrong can just go to different server to get stuff out as the upload is profile bound not character
  6. I think that deleting the mod first because if you are changing the vanilla game you cant expect help from WC. m on xbx so cant use mods anyhoo and built n my raft on official just a couple of days ago
  7. Forgot to mention in option is extended HUD which will allow you to see your own decay timer
  8. All un snapped structure will auto decay / demolish allowed after 12 hours. That goes back 4/5 years to when people just pillar spam, now they just add a ladder lol
  9. It is to prevent you from loggoin into a different server while you are still in one. Stopping one of the ways dupers did what they did. I found since getting the series X the game loads a lot quicker meanig I havent got discnnect in the time it takes to re load
  10. The thing im doing is makin notes of egg levels then hatch to see how it comes out in actual stats. Eg 177 lvl in melee on giga is 905 melee. Youve also gotta remember a few levels may be put into speed which doesnt actually level so wasted levels
  11. But the op saw it on the internet AND they siad it TWICE so it must be true ( WC is owned by the chinese )
  12. More to the point why would you put such valuables on a thatch foundation when a box can just go on the floor
  13. if your on xbox can you message me please kris nutta11
  14. " Calls made, people outta bed, it's being worked on. Hopefully we'll have console servers back up soon. "
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