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  1. bump with Official YouTube channel link and updated mod count
  2. CHANGED THE ENTIRE SERVER CLUSTER No Longer a fight for survival. Server cluster is wiped clean with all default settings of ARK with the exception of 250 player level and Tamed Dino level. 17 mods only from this point forward.
  3. MAJOR Advertisement Revamp with new added hyperlinks.
  4. YAWN Sorry didnt read it cause I know its salt and im alergic to bullcrap. now I need to go sleep off the bullcrap that you bring me. Dont know what you said, dont really care. u made sure of that yourself. Help is when you povid alternitives that doesnt require money because I CLEARLY said I didnt have the money and if I didnt you know now. Shoving your specs at me and telling me I need new hardware isnt helping anybody and is not doing me a favor. I live off SSI no job because nobody is hiring and with this virus going around its making it even more dificult. SHOVING information down my throat about how fancy your setup is when you have the money isnt helping things. I may have a masters but I dont like being treated like an incompitant person and neather does anyone esle. OHHHHHHH YYAAAAAAA I forgot. EVERYONE who does a job like you end up not being people friendly because you are too busy fixing everyone else's problems to acually have proper people skill so you dont be overbaring and say your helping when you are not. YAWN I dont know what you said last dont care because you dont have the people skills to treat me like a person because you are treating me like an incopitant person but I dont blame you, I forgive you because your job doesnt require you to have people skills and yes this time I didnt fix my spelling mistacks and I hope it iteritates the hell out of you, :-P.
  5. so u can show off no and no it wasn't a rant it was facts given to me by my old professor. If you want to call his statements a rant that is your business but you are basically saying the educational system is a rant in that case. I am done with this conversation because you want to be right and have a fight and fight I wont let you have. DEAL WITH IT. This descustion is over because my Masters Degree in graphic design supersedes your knowledge all because you want to use a workaround to get what you want. Any further comments will be ignored.
  6. PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE FIRST OF ALL, my 8 core CPU was made in 2017 SECOND OF ALL, I have a masters in graphic design. When the collage teaches you in class that people have figured out workarounds to solve the ever growing companies that do not optimize there games because they care about there bottom line, it sends a clear message that you guys have done workarounds to make ark work properly. It is taught in class that if corporations would spend more time doing optimizations and fixing bugs, there would be no need to have raid setups or faster hardware. The game has minimum requirements for a reason. I raised my hand in class and asked about ark. You know what professor said because I do. I remember like it was yesterday even though it happened 2 years ago because it was very well put. "Ark is a perfect example of how a game is not properly optimized. Wildcard gives the people a minimum requirements but if you want to spend a lot of money you can upgrade your hardware to run ark smoothly. The minimum requirements on ARK is a joke because they do not give the proper stats for loading speeds or even map loading speeds with mods or even without mods. As game designers you need to understand that games are not about how much money you make or what hardware you need or even how much people want to complain that it's a hardware issue when its not. As game designers you need to understand that optimizations need to be done at the 100% and beyond level. Ark's minimal requirements do not reflect things properly. If you want a game that does well, If you have minimum requirements to your game, it should not matter about your hardware as long as you properly optimize your game. Your minimum requirements are there for a reason. They are not there to slap a sticker on the game and then care more about money than the actual game. Companies like wildcard that make great games like Ark are constantly providing more content, but not doing the proper optimizations needed to meet there minimal requirements. If the game was properly optimized for the minimal requirements of the game, there would be no need for workarounds for the most part. People have gotten used to making workarounds to make things work better. If you want to be a game designer, make sure you keep optimizations going above and beyond your minimal requirements and all bugs fixed all the time because that will set you apart from the corporations of today and the corporations of tomorrow." Now before you bitch about it being a hardware issue, think about what my professor said and let it sink in and maybe wildcard might learn something from it as well. There should not need anything more said on the topic because hes right, you all found workarounds that shouldn't be necessary for the minimal requirements Wildcard puts on Ark. That is on you to use that workaround but as my professor said in his last sentence, "People have gotten used to making workarounds to make things work better. If you want to be a game designer, make sure you keep optimizations going above and beyond your minimal requirements and all bugs fixed all the time because that will set you apart from the corporations of today and the corporations of tomorrow." I rest my case and did you know it took me 3 days to find the paper I wrote that down on. I had a feeling I would need that one day to use. When collages teaches it in design classes, How can you fight a professor that knows more than you or even me for that matter. WE DON'T HAVE THE EXPERIENCE, he does otherwise he wouldn't be a professor teaching young minds.
  7. Besides this isnt just about me. THERE ARE TONS of people I know that have gamming laptops that can't do a raid system. how are they supposed to prevent disconects and have lower loading times.
  8. Doesnt matter what I do, I will need to spend money I dont have
  9. I would also need a usb floppy drive which I dont have because I haven't needed one. And the PLOT OF MONEY SPENDING THICKENS AGAIN if the game was optimized, I would need to spend money I dont have to do something that could potintally make me lose data in the end.
  10. Wouldnt need to do this if it was optimized
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