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  1. I've really enjoyed this game over the years. But y'all are really stretching my patience by apparently not fixing or really addressing the not saving issue that so many of us are having. I bought the explorers editions a month or so ago...played Extinction for a week, then logged on one day and all my progress was gone. And it still won't save. Many players are having this problem. Please put other things on hold and fix this problem so we can just play the content that we already paid for. I really don't want to be mad at you all...
  2. I updated through the night, tried it this morning. Still exactly the same problem.
  3. Any news on a fix? I keep checking for updates but nothing. Has wildcard said anything about it? Anyone try a fresh install?
  4. O i guess the pc microsoft is the same as xbox. I didn't think of that. Thanks!
  5. I bought the explorers pack. Installed just the base game, and extinction. Extinction was nearly done installing then it just skipped to the end. Could be ok...it happens. But When I boot up the game I don't see the extinction map anywhere. All the others are there. I've thought of uninstalling and starting over, either the base game or Extinction, but they're not in my add/remove programs. Also, I bought it on the microsoft store, so I could play with xbox users. Not steam. I don't see an exit button on the game? I have to tab out or use alt+f4. I've searched for threads on these issues but have found nothing. Please help....I'm really wanting to play extinction.
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