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  1. Parental tames Could a mechanic of parental tames be looked into, for example raising rexs and having an adult rex nearby with food in their inventory (specifically for baby Dino's since they don't feed from troughs) would make raising endgame Dino's like rexs, gigas, quetzs, brontos, ect alot easier for casual players and for players with sparatic work schedules? It wouldt change the game ballencing very much but it would attract new and help keep players
  2. Ever since the Easter patch I can't play ark... I go to join server then, it reads primal game bp and crashes ... Tried on online and on single player.... Please sort this out I was planning on getting some time in over the long weekend, specs for my computer are gtx1070 16gb ram, 500gb SSD ter hd, and Intel i7 core....
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