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  1. my screen shots are on the new map by the way, i never had it before when the last patch it was fine then. maybe another patch will sort it as i tried everything and concidering a few of u had the same issue aswel, i even get it in sp mode aswell,
  2. i already done that mert, i even uninstalled it all and reinstalled as i said in my post
  3. ark brightness increase bug or is it my pc? hey everyone, so i got a problem and i need advice. 2 weeks ago , my game was all normal. a week ago i went to a server and bare in mind the gamma is normal levels. and screen and brightness is fine, but then 5 mins later the brightness increases on its own, not the gamma the brightness, as you can see in the screen shots game after 5 mins of logging https://imgur.com/dXwLkuL https://imgur.com/MObNnjA https://imgur.com/DMuS1av then i turn down the gamma on the console it lowers it alot but difficult to see like crafting menus etc https://imgur.com/YZknR0k this is when i lower the gamma level to say gamma 0.7 https://imgur.com/5v7bS0C gamma at normal level at night time, i think its my gpu personnelly giving up the ghost maybe, i have done, driver updates, restarts , settings changes, uninstalled the game, clear the cache and folder, restarted, reinstalled the game and i went to try this morning same thing, i just dont no what to do i am thinking its the gpu personnely , as i no its playing up in respect textures wise, as on another game called atlas nothing renders in correctly but thats for another forum i would be greatful for any help anyone can give, thanks in advanced
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