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  1. I personally let the day and night cycle by default on my server, because i think the durations are already correct and also because some map may not have the same durations already, like on Aberration for example where it automatically change days and night durations like seasons, Depending of the map, having longer nights can kill you with the cold, on the opposite it would save you in scorched earth where the day is very hot, so i prefer let it like that. But I do change the nights to 2 or 3x longer at winter event so people on my servers have the time to play with Santa Raptor
  2. Its only visual, but the stats and levels are good from what I could see, its only the floating name that is not aware of it. i have tamed a lvl 30 that gave me a lvl 45 and it show lvl 30 but when i kileld it thinking it was bugged, it said i killed a lvl 45 lol and if you take it out of a cryo it will give back its real lvl, --- Edit: Yeah no nevermind the bug is still there indeed, my Ferox loose all its lvl up and always revert back to how it was before being tamed if i give it an element and turn it in big form..
  3. Aschran

    Building In Mission Area

    Are you on official server? This is surprising that people can build in missions areas on official, if this is unofficial you have to contact your server admin.
  4. I have noticed that some graphic setting actually make the steps less visible, my teammate could see the tracks but not their color last week, he changed some of his settings, i dont know which and now he can see everything, I have also seen the problem with the tracks, I think sometimes one will light green but will be not counted, you have to walk on them all until you find the one you skipped or the one that is falsely counted.
  5. Hmmm I have just tried on my unofficial server the command below for a raptor bone skin and it worked, make sure you are logged as admin if you are on your unofficial server, or even remove the "cheat" word if you are solo, i have seen commands that don't work with or without this word in solo. What exact skin are you trying to get ? I have just tried this one and it worked cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Saddles/PrimalItemCostume_BoneRaptor.PrimalItemCostume_BoneRaptor'" 1 0 0
  6. They surely know as everyone been sending reports. A Ferox that loose his taming bonus lvl is kinda important for players
  7. Oh, whats the map name id for private servers ?
  8. Woohoooo its download time ! Thank you a lot Wildcard! You are amazing!
  9. Hello. that only concern the charged light , the detection of players and creatures is not impacted by the creature stats. And no, detection skill from shine creatures is all the same. Te range, speed and capacity stats, concern only the charged light skill
  10. Its cool, its fine, take your time guys, I prefer a good product than a rushed one. Good luck Wildcard i love your game!
  11. Damn that thing seem super cool I'm going to install it on my servers!
  12. I wish in Ark we could discover more about the lore and the characters
  13. Hello, its sad for this server where the alpha tribe is controlling everything. >There are actually servers with the tag 'isolated' where players can't transfert anything. Good luck!
  14. They are all random and genesis ones are very very rares, but i'm the admin of my own servers and i make deal with the members, so for 100 coal or 100 mistletoe they can choose the chibi they want this way, people who have less time to play can basically get a a chibi in one game night (with raptor claus). If you are curious, this is how I found the way to get them, using Cheat SDF + "chibidino_" followed by the name of the creature. "\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Items\Armor\Skin\ChibiDinos" <-- folder with all the chibis choices exemple: cheat sdf ChibiDino_Cherufe 1 0 0 #for magmasaur Ibelieve, cheat sdf chibiDino_Shapeshifter_Small 1 0 0 #for Ferax cute small form my favorite and most badass looking is the phoenix tho, but the wyvern is amazing too
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