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  1. I read everything even if I don't reply much =o This threat actually give me ideas and motivations for different things to do in the game, like this deino specific army for bosses battles ^^
  2. I kept trying to breed ravagers but no luck so far, no extra levels, no mutations, just exact copies of parents If it was a dish Gordon Ramsei would say "bland and boring" i also finished working on the colliseum we made on the server for this week end gladiators contests
  3. Well evolution event was an exemple but if there no real way to change rates on the fly there indeed no need for a web interface for me anymore, thanks fo the infos.
  4. How do the evolution event works then? it can change ressources and taming rates without needing a reboot.
  5. Looking for a server WEB interface. Hello, I'm a owner and host of game servers, using linux system, I'm actually looking where I could find WEB-UI to manage my instances without the need of rebooting them everytime i make a change in the configurations files. Anyone know where I could find a Web Interface for a private server? On google all results are telling to rent Nitrado server or outdated links. The goal is to be able to changes some rates without rebooting the server, like taming or ressources, the same way official servers activate evo event on week ends. Thank you for reading my question.
  6. if its going to be a vehicule maybe it has more chances to be a submarine or something because apparently the map will be underwater oriented
  7. OMIGOOOOD THEY PUT THE DODOREX BACK !!!! Omygoooad they brign everything back !! by the wxay i have no idead waht this tek is ? a gun maybe ? i cant guess ...
  8. Hmmmm there Tek hexon maybe we can hope for invisibility cloak ? but the lower side of the image look like there rocks for weight so it totally look like a high tek kind of bola I'd love to see new tek mining tools too
  9. maybe stage 7 will come when we will be below 24h, in 1h30 then
  10. "Sounds like I might need to pay you a visit." Imagine a cosplay of Helena (homodeus or not) at the tomorrow stream
  11. "processing completed" so we finished this part of the puzzle, where do we go now ?
  12. That doesnt give us much more informations on whats coming in 1day,
  13. When changing the colorimetry of the image i see some of the DNA-pairs to be more visible than others but i'm not sure there is a specific meaning to it. I thought it would be morse code but it looks too random.
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