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  1. Hello. that only concern the charged light , the detection of players and creatures is not impacted by the creature stats. And no, detection skill from shine creatures is all the same. Te range, speed and capacity stats, concern only the charged light skill
  2. Its cool, its fine, take your time guys, I prefer a good product than a rushed one. Good luck Wildcard i love your game!
  3. Damn that thing seem super cool I'm going to install it on my servers!
  4. I wish in Ark we could discover more about the lore and the characters
  5. Hello, its sad for this server where the alpha tribe is controlling everything. >There are actually servers with the tag 'isolated' where players can't transfert anything. Good luck!
  6. They are all random and genesis ones are very very rares, but i'm the admin of my own servers and i make deal with the members, so for 100 coal or 100 mistletoe they can choose the chibi they want this way, people who have less time to play can basically get a a chibi in one game night (with raptor claus). If you are curious, this is how I found the way to get them, using Cheat SDF + "chibidino_" followed by the name of the creature. "\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Items\Armor\Skin\ChibiDinos" <-- folder with all the chibis choices exemple: cheat sdf ChibiDino_Cherufe 1 0 0 #for magmasaur Ibelieve, cheat sdf chibiDino_Shapeshifter_Small 1 0 0 #for Ferax cute small form my favorite and most badass looking is the phoenix tho, but the wyvern is amazing too
  7. The atrocetus will be a limited time creature like titans or titanosaur because it will have the ability to warp/teleport and equip a saddle with canons turrets. quite overpowered, but i''m curious if you can actually use it in another biomes or maps ._.
  8. I personally think the mosa look the best, but we havnt seen everything yet ^^ I"'m also curious on how are we going to beat the Moeder boss, with the fact it will spawn many eels, with the fact the boss itself is dangerous, that mean we don't even know what new stuff we will have to help us with it. and i'm also curious about the lunar creatures, because there will be somes ^^ i hope for a space reaper ♥_♥ i want a lunar baby reaper ♥
  9. concerning the first part, from the "Fear Evolved 3"" new on the main page, yo ucan read the whole message HERE As a collectioner I'm also very interested in the new creatures reskins, a tribemate made squads of Allos, and the new lava Allo looks epic.
  10. i'm hyped for the Salamander and the Bloodstalker, the Furax is cool too, and the Astrocetus wi be epic but limited tame Bloodstalker new super mobile mount !
  11. Aschran

    Alpha Wyvern

    If you need help searching i coud even give you a hand, feel free to contact me.
  12. Aschran

    Alpha Wyvern

    If I compare it with my experience on Scoched Earth I have seen only one or two Apha wyverns unti now so I can only presume they are very rare. All I can recommand you is to keep cleaning the trench to give it chances to spawn, if thats even effective. I hope you wi find one
  13. I play official and unofficial, and if the official server I play on is down, i will not think that WC are terrible or anything, I mean, I'm not a dev, I dont know how hard/easy it is to make this working or if its even directly their fault. I just try to see the points on all sides, and creating a forum subject named "wildard is a joke" is certainly not smarter than what you believe they failed. Also Its true that if there is not one in place already, setting system to beta test certain updates with the community would certainly benefit WC. I presume they test them internally but that can be limited as we can see.
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