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  1. Maybe if someone from the dev team would actually respond on these forums wuehehe.
  2. Nope, tried everything still does not work. try it for yourself.
  3. Update: I have tried it with other animals and same result, they aren't eating the corpse. I have tried all the options in the radial menu even tried wandering/breeding on and off, tried all stances still no result.
  4. Argentavis whistle Attack. Hello there, I've been experiencing some problems with the Argentavis, it just wont attack/harvest a slain enemy. He used to attack it instantly and gain the auto-hp buff, this made them extremely good for waves in Extinction. For some reason they wont eat corpses anymore, they used to be doing this untill a few patches after Extinction. Is this a bug? Is it intended? No it's not my auto harvest, they are all on normal. Anyone else experiencing this? If not could you try it out so im sure it's not my server who's doing this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Extinction wandering Casteroide. Hello there, When extinction was first launched I noticed that beavers won't auto harvest specific trees in the extinction map. Since we run a PVE server we normally use the waypoint mod to redirect farming dino's to specific nodes to gather them. Most of the new tree models are still not detected by the casteroides and he simply ignores them. Could you fix the coding for the new model trees in extinction so they are picked up by the beaver. Thanks!
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